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Closet Clean Out Time!

Hello and welcome back!

Yes folks it is that time of year to change our wardrobes to the winter clothes.

But before you do….

Gather receptacles, this could be garbage bags, laundry baskets, boxes, whatever you have on hand. Label, or at least know, which container will hold what. For example, donate, repair/dry clean, and throw away. The items you will keep won’t need a container just a holding spot as these will go back in your closet.

Next… Take action

Take everything out of your closet, yes, everything. As you remove each item, ask, “Do I love it? Do I wear it? Would I buy it today?” Then place it in the designated area or receptacle. Look over each item, if stained, stretched out or torn throw it away. Make quick decisions, the more you linger the more stories about an item will come to mind, and the harder it will be to make a  judgment. Keeping  items you don’t wear  limits the possibility for new things to come into your life. Trust me, you will be provided for once you eliminate what stands between you and new. Make sure each item fits the body you have today. If you have pregnancy clothes and you aren’t pregnant, but may be plan to be again you can box these to free up valuable space. If you have old high school clothes and you haven’t been in the halls for over ten years it is time for an update. If you have clothes that are too small it is time to release them. When or if you get back to that size you will want a current and stylish wardrobe. Plus you will create guilt or worse beat yourself up for not being that size. And if you have larger size clothes donate them so you aren’t tempted to gain weight. The importance is to embrace and dress the size you are right now. If you aren’t happy where you are than do something about it, but keeping clothes that do not fit is not the answer.  Also make sure the clothes suit your lifestyle today. Most importantly while handling this task keep in mind you are looking for progress not perfection. Another good tip for future purchases is if you bring something new in something old must go.

What to do with the maybe or I’m not really sure clothes?

Every time I switch my wardrobe I place all the hangers facing the ‘right’ way. As I wear an item I place it backwards on the rod. I wear only the clothes that face the ‘right’ way, until I have worn them all. If I notice I’m going to the hangers facing the opposite way, and still have a few items facing the ‘right’ way I know I will not wear those items and  donate them.

What about drawers and shelves?

Rotate.  After wearing an item or laundering, as  you put clothing away, put them on the bottom of the pile. What is in your drawers or on a shelf gets moved to the top. If you keep reaching for items at the bottom of the pile you can donate the ones on the top knowing you aren’t wearing those.

What about occasional items?

It depends on how occasional it is. I have a raincoat I wear probably twenty times a year. It is very thin and takes up little room, I not only love it, but I would buy it again, so it stays.  The other rule I adhere to is if I did not wear it for two seasons I give it  away.  Freeing your space allows for the new to enter. Learn to bless others with your abundance.

The final step…  

Clean up immediately. Once everything is back in your closet and drawers it is time to bring the containers to their designated locations, trash, dry cleaner or tailor, and donation center. Job complete! You are organized! Hooray time to celebrate!   

Much peace and freedom to you!   




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Do you have mental clutter?

Hello and welcome back!

Is there such a thing as mental clutter?

Yes. Clutter, in any form, can be a burden to the life you are creating today. Whether it is many ideas that clutter your mind or negative thoughts, if it does not benefit, serve or nurture you it is clutter.

What to do with negative thoughts

There is no donation center I know of that will take this kind of clutter. But you can still apply a process for de-cluttering. When you sort through your material clutter you usually have a story that goes along with the  items. You may know when you bought an item, how much it cost or who and when someone gave it to you. Images and memories  about the item may provoke certain feelings and the reason it can be challenging to release it.  Mental clutter is the same.  Negative thoughts get justified why they are taking up space in your mind and will even demand you need them. You may even state, “Well, how will I know when something is good or bad if I de-clutter these thoughts?” You will know by how you feel not by what you judge. Sometimes you aren’t even aware the thought is there, it becomes background noise, yet will still provoke feelings usually negative ones. Ask yourself this one question throughout your day whenever you catch yourself in thought, “Would I choose this thought I am thinking right now and give it to my dearest friend or would I be willing to say it out loud?” If the answer comes back, “No” then it is clutter. Now because no donation center will take these thoughts you will have a different strategy to put in place. Challenge the thoughts that you catch, and become familiar with what you think. After you catch a thought the phrase to use is, “so what” to whatever you think, this brings the emotions the thoughts provoked down a notch. “So what” allows you to think of what you can do about it. It takes you out of victimhood. Here’s an example; “I just bought another item when my place is already overcrowded.” “So what. What if I call Freedom from Clutter for help?” Or “I just ate a muffin and I’m on a diet.” “So what. What if I start again at the next meal?” Our thoughts can make an event or situation  scary, tragic, or a disaster when in reality it is not. You are still here, breathing and making choices, are you not? Then nothing is a catastrophe, nothing. After so many “So what” you’ll become calm enough to know what your next move will be. When you become aware and accept what does not serve or nurture you, you will do something about it. I promise. Becoming aware of your thoughts is enough to de-clutter the ones that do not serve you. So when your mind starts acting up tonight when you want to sleep say, “So what” to whatever comes your way. Sweet dreams!

What to do with all those ideas

An immediate image or story comes to mind with each idea that comes through.  Usually followed by your thoughts. My suggestion is to write the ideas down. Keep a pad and pen with you at all times. Daily or weekly look at these ideas you have recorded and recognize if any of them are opportunities to take advantage of. If so, take action. Writing things down will help clear your mind. Another trick is to give your complete attention and focus to one task at a time.  This is very freeing to a person with an overactive mind. For example, when you get in the shower feel the entire process. If you notice your mind wandering just bring it back into focus. Notice how the water feels on your body, how the soap smells, what the floor feels like under your feet, what do you hear, and notice your breathing.

Wishes of freedom from clutter to you all!


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The Joy of Choosing Freedom!

Hello and welcome back!

What does your possessions, your time, or your attention bring to your life?  Joy? Suffering? Peace? Drama? Happiness? Stress?

If joy or peace is you priority clutter will withhold it from your experience. I will first distinguish what clutter is. Clutter is anything that does not serve, benefit, or nurture your life today. It is anything that creates negative feelings. Clutter comes in many forms, it could be material items, activities, a schedule, stories, thoughts, beliefs, and people or relationships. Anything you experience that does not create positive feelings is clutter.

What are your choices?

If you choose to keep the clutter in your life, you continue to clutch to what does not benefit you. You know it is clutter, because it does not create enjoyment or peace. Life offers us a playground, we choose how to experience  it.  On this playground there will be chores and mandatory tasks. When you clutter your mind with stories about how a task is dreadful that will be your experience. However by releasing clutter, in this case the story, a switch occurs. Perhaps you accept a chore as something you do to keep your intention of a tidy home in tact. Now you find satisfaction in, or at least become  neutral about, the chore. Once you experience the freedom that releasing clutter brings, the momentum will take hold.  You may have chosen to ignore, deny, or push the clutter aside for another day. With that choice understand you will continue to experience the negativity  until you make a different decision.

What matters

The clue to the clutter in your life is how you feel. If you feel positive, happy and content mostly, the chance of clutter may be nonexistent. If you feel negatively, your inner guide is alerting you to what does not benefit you. Pay attention.

You can choose, at any time, to live with freedom, in joy and in peace by becoming aware of how you feel. Make feeling positive more important than your clutter. In reality whether you have clutter in your life or not is not really what matters. What matters is if you get lost in the story about the clutter by letting it entice or seduce you to keep it or get more, if you ignore your negative feelings, or you become dependent on your clutter as though it represents who you are. Any of those are harmful and do not nurture your life today. Let go and feel the joy, even if that means finding a new playground!

Much love and peace to you all!





How to Simplify You Life in 1 Easy Step

Hello and welcome back!

How to simplify your life in 1 easy step.

Stop doing what does not work. Yup, it is that easy. What’s that, you say it must be more difficult. Nope. Seriously. I promise. I know it sounds like it would be a no-brainer to stop doing what does not work, yet there is so much information on how-to change, shift and transform circulating and being produced. Maybe I have a secret that allows you to do it this time! Read on…

Identify 1 behavior that does not work?

I am asking you to identify only what you have control over. What do you do that clearly does not work, that does not make you happy. Pick one action, behavior or habit, it can be something small and simple, or annoying and large. Okay, got it?

Now what?

What would the opposite be of the one item you chose? For example, let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds and the habit of eating ice cream does not allow you to have what you desire. Now pick the opposite of the behavior you chose, which, in this case, would be to stop eating ice cream. Accept this habit is not letting you fulfill your desire, and that you truly want to release 10 pounds.  Another example may be  that you want to live in a peaceful environment, but you have too much clutter. The opposite could be to make decisions and take action on clearing your clutter.

Next step…

Now, decide what effective strategy and action steps you could put into place that would make your desire happen.  Get creative. For example, for eating ice cream, you could find an activity to do during the times you would have been indulging. Or you could decide to no longer purchase ice cream, or you could find an alternative to ice cream that would still allow you to happily fulfill your desire of transformation,  without creating guilt, frustration, or self-loathing. For the clutter your action plan may be to handle, sort, or clean out 1 pile, 1 drawer, or 1 item a day.

Do this until…

Practice your new pursuit until it becomes your new habit or the change you desire has been fulfilled. Here’s the secret! Make it more important to celebrate each step or each time you commit and focus on your desire than when you do not. Enjoy the journey along the whole route. When you tackle any goal in fear, that you “should” or “should not” be doing whatever, when you force or demand a specific outcome, or you hurry to the finish line, you lose the opportunity to notice all the best parts. By noticing and celebrating each step YOU did and took allows you to open yourself up to curiosity and an interest into what is taking place within you as you shift. Imagine a flower bud blossoming as you. By focusing on what you accomplished naturally brings a sense of wonder and adventure. Every time you take a step toward what you desire and you recognize each success, even the tiniest ones, you allow the sense of freedom, joy and enthusiasm all along the way. That daily momentum is what keeps you going when rough waters hit.

Keep going

Once you feel secure and your new habit is firmly in place move onto something else that you desire to shift, transform or change.  The progress you continually make will increase your confidence muscle. Take baby steps when changing habits and most importantly be gentle with yourself and for goodness sake CELEBRATE!

Much peace and love to you all! I would love to know what you chose, please let me know so I can support and cheer you on!


A quote to share ~

“Your life will change only when you decide to change it. ”

~Gary Zukav


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5 Steps to rid yourself of the unwanted!

Hello and welcome back!

Do you want to rid yourself of an unwanted, harmful, or negative habit or repetitive cycle that just doesn’t work? Are you willing to do what it takes to get you where you want to go or be? If you answered YES! than let’s get started!

1. Know you are in charge and responsible for changing or eliminating the issue, habit or problem that doesn’t work.

2. Decide what it is you will change or eliminate.

3. Create a clear and concise plan.

4. Let go of the outcome.

5. Carry out the plan, no matter what, forever.

1. Know you are in charge and responsible for changing or eliminating the issue, habit or problem that doesn’t work. It is your choice. If it involves another it must be their choice as well. They will need to create and follow their own plan of action. No one else can tell you what isn’t working or how to change it only you can do that. You may want to follow another if they did what you are attempting, but still tweak it to fit you. What another is willing or unwilling to commit to may be different for you. Go in with the attitude you have the strength to do this, even if you don’t fully believe it, trust you will figure it out. Every one is unique, but we all posses the ability to change and be different. Finding and doing what works takes honest insight and courage. Is it your turn? If you are still maintaining an enthusiastic or curious spirit continue on to step 2. 

2. Decide what it is you will change or eliminate. Knowing what isn’t working in your favor or to your benefit and why you want to eliminate or change it. You will refer back to your why often. For me, I had a goal of optimal health and emotional well being. It wasn’t so much about the number on the scale, although a pleasant side effect, it was about changing the part of me that didn’t think I was worthy of optimal self-care.  Ask yourself, what is the self-image I am upholding? How is it working? What self-image would I prefer to uphold? What does it look like? And how can I get there? Understand if you want something to be different then YOU have to do something differently, Still on board? If yes, continue to step 3.

3. Create a clear and concise plan. Record anything you’ve done in the past that either worked or felt good, but that you didn’t keep up with or stick to. Recall if you’ve ever attempted to change or eliminate what you are working on now or something similar, what is it you will commit to this time? Since I quit smoking twelve years ago I considered and relied on my action plan then for my success today. I even recognized and praised myself for my efforts toward making good health a priority back then. Perhaps, to create your plan, you can look at other areas in your life where you are successful. What is it you commit to, how do you uphold it, or how do you keep it a priority, utilize your own successes and bring them to your new plan. Maybe look to others to see how they manage their priority’s and then incorporate or tweak it to fit your plan. You can create a one step plan that you are willing to commit to or use an entire page, it doesn’t matter, you know what works for you and what doesn’t. Remember, you can add, tweak and adjust your plan as you go; the important thing is to carry out whatever you decide on. It is the action you take that is crucial to your success and to feel empowered. Do not let another deter you, if others try to sabotage your efforts, it may be because they have their own demons to discover or work through. You can stay true to your commitment despite what is happening around you. Make the choice to stay on course. Continue on to step 4 if you are still following along, oh brave one. 

4.  Let go of the outcome. Holding tightly to specific outcomes or results can offer challenges and derail your success. Let’s say you want to lose twenty pounds and you follow your plan precisely. A month later you get on the scale and are down three pounds, but had expected a different result. Instead of accepting the amount, or adjusting or tweaking your plan, or celebrating the loss, you may become discouraged and abandon the plan and yourself. Or let’s say you lost way more then you expected and to celebrate you indulge in a cheat meal or two. Know what it is you want, but let the results be what they are. Find the day to day rewards instead. I am visual so I used colorful star stickers for every day I followed my plan and moved forward toward positive self-care. Once I received seven stars in a row I indulged in a small trinket for myself. I also created a joy jar. I recorded anything that surprised me, encouraged me, and when I jumped another hurdle, as the papers piled up the more self-confidence I gained and if I ever felt discouraged I would re-read them. Find a way to pat yourself on the back, create daily or mini celebrations, and let go of the outcome. It will never be over anyway, so learn ways to enjoy the journey.  I still recognize and celebrate once a year for quitting smoking and treat myself to something nice. You’re almost done continue on! You can do it!  

5. Carry out the plan, no matter what, forever. Don’t ever abandon you and remember temporary pleasure or a quick fix is not going to get you to what benefits you. You wouldn’t reward an alcoholic with a few beers after abstaining for a month. Whenever I refused  sugary deserts I would say, “I could eat ten cupcakes easily, but I choose not to because I am on a mission.” In order to be, act, or do differently you will need to carry out your plan. Refer to your why back in step 2. You may prefer, at times, to go backwards, but when you hold your priority in the forefront of your heart you will choose to go forward more times than not. Be honest and know where and what your limits are. Over time, as you gain more momentum, it gets easier. Remind yourself when tempted you are not withholding or missing out on anything except what is best for you. Practice creates progress, progress creates results, results create self-confidence, and self-confidence keeps you practicing. Get out of your own way by changing your focus, instead of focusing on “I haven’t” change it to “I will.”  The answer isn’t to push harder, you want to ease up and trust what you need will show up in the perfect time for you and it will. You can do this, have faith in your abilities, and trust yourself! 

Much peace to you my friend!


Copyright 2014 by Sandy Lucas

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Stepping stones to your desires

Hello & welcome back!

Here is a step-by-step approach to have what you desire. It may be a tad different from the law of attraction, I don’t know. What I do know is I found what works for me time & time again & I am sharing it with you. Each step is crucial to your success. Enjoy & may all your desires come true!

Step 1: Name what you desire. Ask yourself if you believe it is possible, & be honest. You must believe to receive. If at first you don’t believe it, it doesn’t mean you’ll never get there, just keep naming it in a way until you find the one you do believe is possible. For example; if your desire is a million bucks & you don’t believe it (for now) keep going down to the amount you believe is possible for you. The final, & perhaps the most crucial part to step 1, is to TRUST it will show up, & that you will be shown the way, while you release the outcome & the timetable. It may show up differently than you imagined, but if you hold tightly to HOW you want it to show up or when you could be missing some vital components. I often say, “whatever happens happens.” When you state your desire, & you trust whatever happens will be for your highest good you allow whatever needs to come through to come through. It may be the need for another lesson, but if you hold onto the belief that you will figure it out, & continue trusting (as long as you know it is possible) it will come. Acceptance & trust are the keys to allowing life to flow freely. Even when there doesn’t seem like much hope, accept that there is a lesson to learn & trust you ‘ll learn it, just keep trusting. 

*Suggestions- 1. To build confidence within yourself it may be best to start out with a small desire, although, as long as you believe it is possible you can go big as well. 2. There is no need to discuss this with anyone, so don’t bother.

Step 2: What are you willing to do to help this desire come to fruition? This doesn’t have to be a plan in strategy or goal form, but it could if that works for you, I do not. I do, however, keep a journal, a record of all the desires I have & how they come about. Action steps can be as simple as ‘I’ll figure it out as I go”, to “as motivation or inspiration comes through I am willing to act on it.” The important message I am relaying here is, whatever you agree to do, do it continuously & consistently. Even if the action you agreed to was “I’ll figure it out as I go” continually trust you’ll figure it out & when you get a knowing of what action to take, take it every time. By trusting an answer or inspiration will come lets your instincts lead you. This isn’t about getting into a dialogue with your thoughts. You ask a question & whatever immediately or eventually pops into your knowing that is your true self leading you, pay attention & heed what it tells you. The difference between ego & your true self is vital to grasp. Instincts come as a knowing opposed to actual words, but because you understand through words you will transcribe the knowing into a word or two. Be clear it is definitely not a dialogue in your head. Your intuition is also neutral, if you follow it great if not it trusts you’ll eventually get it. The ego, on the other hand, is emotional, “If you do this you could die!” & dramatic, because it is in survival mode all the time. Get to know the difference if you want your desire to enter your experience. 

A side note – I have often had a desire & have had to wait for inspiration, motivation or an answer, but I trusted it would come in the time that was best for me, I do not give up, & eventually it arrives. Be aware the ego may use frustration or desperation, at this point, to tempt you with self-doubt, or prove the opposite of what you desire, but if you just keep trusting knowing an answer or motivation will show up, it will. 

Step 3: Trust it will be brought to you in a way that is best for you, accept how it shows up. Release & let go of a specific outcome. 

A simple example: A family member requested a specific gift for the holiday. My desire was to get it for her. I checked the Sunday flyers & saw it on sale, for the exact amount I had in the budget, but due to my schedule I could only go on the last day of the sale. I knew it was possible to purchase one so I looked at the picture in the flyer daily & mentally said, “I want you.” I trusted, if it was meant to be it would be, if they were sold out I trusted I would figure out what to do about it. When you accept anything in your life answers automatically come. I instantly knew, for example, I could get a rain check & a gift card for the amount. It is when you get caught up in the drama the ego likes to suck you into, you stay stuck in “why me?” or “poor me” , the victim mentality which offers no answers. When I got to the store on Saturday night there was one left! Oh boy, did I celebrate!  

A more extreme example: We had rented out an unused bedroom to someone we didn’t know. The extra money was our desire not the character of the person who would live in our home. He ended up being an adult bully. So, now my desire was to get him out, I knew it was possible, & I knew my instincts would lead me to the action I would need to take. A flash came into view of installing a camera in the common area of our home, we followed my instincts & this proved to mellow the renter out a bit. Both our instincts told us to keep our distance & not give into any of his demands. We adhered to that. My fiancee envisioned going to seek counsel at the courthouse, we followed his instincts, & a court hearing was scheduled. As we drove to the court house a few days later I let go of the outcome & mentally said, “Whatever happens happens. If there are more lessons to learn then so be it I trust we can handle it.” This brought a sense of peace during a time where I could have been very stressed. The mediator assigned to our case was astonished that the judge ordered him out that day! He stated, “You got off lucky. I’ve never seen a case where the landlord got rid of a tenant so quickly & easily, it usually takes months.” We celebrated!

Another example: Both my fiancee & I are finishing up writing books while holding outside jobs. My guy has a week long holiday break at his work & his desire is to complete his book during this time. My desire is also to devote more time to finishing my book so I can get it published by the first of the year. I decided assigning a more demanding writing schedule at this time may not be the answer, but I trusted & accepted an answer would come. I ended up having a knowing it would work itself out & went on with my day. The day after our discussion about the books I went to work & found out the owner has decided to shut the store I manage down for almost two weeks!  And if that wasn’t a big enough desire (quickly) fulfilled I received a bonus, he is giving me full pay! Now it is up to me to show up & do the work I agreed to in step 2. If you get out of the way, trust & allow the Universe to do its magic you too can have your desires, big & small, come to fruition! 

Step 4: Thank the Universe by being of value to another & celebrate all your desires through laughter & enjoyment. Giving back to life or the Universe is just as important as being grateful for all you have, because giving back to people will help humanity as a whole. Nothing will please the Universe more than having us all cooperate with on another! Be the change you want to see in the world & watch your world change! And if you can do it all while laughing & enjoying yourself you have the formula for a beautiful life! 

I have 3 stories, events that happened to me, that when I revisit in my mind elicit hardy laughter, I mean pee your pants laughter! Do you have any of those? These are funnies I refer to often, especially when my mind is idle, when I am doing a mindless task, to avoid unnecessary ego chatter. I also created a collage of people smiling, I’m talking big huge smiles & people you can tell are laughing, that is situated by the desk. Just like yawning when you see someone yawn, seeing others smile makes me smile & when I am smiling I am feeling good. It invites positive thoughts too.

Being of value to another may be holding a door, picking up a pair of socks, baking a sweet treat for someone, sending a card, giving a massage or hug, or sending a nice donation to a charity. Whatever you deem as helping or being of value to another. I ask daily, “show me how I can be of value today.” This is far from people pleasing, because when you are purposely doing it to help another, you expect nothing in return, not even a “thank-you” for holding the door. This also isn’t about what people can do for you, but what you can  do to make another’s life a tad easier today & feeling good that you were able to help.

I wish all your desires become fulfilled!


Copyright 2013 by Sandy Lucas

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Steps to Success

Hello and welcome back!

Every single moment is an entry point to change your strategy, your mind, or continue doing what you’re doing. In order to be successful at whatever change you desire you need to understand what has stopped you in the past. You can label it your ego, resistance, or your little self. I’ve heard them all. Whatever title you give it remember it is a part of you not the whole of who you are.  I’ll refer to it as the ego part of you. The ego makes itself known to you through your thoughts. These ramblings that go on day and night are not you, they are a combination of everything you’ve ever absorbed. They come from your experiences, your family, society, your community, advertisements, stereotypes, stigmas and television to name a few.  

Your ego, when allowed in the driver seat, believes its job is to protect you and keep you alive. Keeping you alive means possessing the thoughts that hold you down, and retain an under the radar lifestyle. It is the part of you that gets so uncomfortable with change it will try to snuff out any ambition that arises within you.  It’ll use thoughts that ignite self-doubt, steer you toward proof or use fear based thoughts that you are better off right where you are.  It’ll send thoughts that cause you to second guess yourself or become extremely critical of any idea that includes transformation. As you have desires, create steps, make a plan, and commitments an obstacle or ten or several challenges will pop up this is to force you to avoid the change you so desperately want.  When the ego is in the driver seat it does not look out for your best interest, but when moved into the passenger seat it will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.  Follow the steps below and you too with be successful. 

The most critical step is to accept the ego, especially when it is mismanaged or in the driver seat. When you accept anything as is you become solution minded and that is the position the ego is well suited for. The ego in the driver seat; It is raining, now my picnic is ruined. The ego in the passenger seat; It is raining, now what? Because you were unaware of how to manage the ego part of you, you allowed it a position it was unequipped for. You allowed it to place speed bumps in your path, you allowed it to dictate your suffering. The ego has an important role and when in the proper position will carry out the tasks assigned to it beautifully. The miracle occurs when you continue moving forward, opposed to allowing the ego to halt your efforts, this grants you, your true self, the driver seat. Knowing you have a choice to honor your commitments no matter what allows you to breakthrough the barrier that has held you back for far too long.  Let’s use this moment as an entry point to go after our desires!

1. Decide what you desire. You can dream big or start small. This is you in the driver seat, pick whatever you’d like.

2. Create steps you are willing and determined to take to accomplish your goal. By constantly focused on solutions will allow your ego the position it is meant to have, the passenger seat. Watch how helpful and useful it becomes. The key to place and keep the ego in the passenger seat is to use consistent self-talk, by continually asking positive questions like, How can I produce even better results? How can I keep the momentum going? How can I happily complete all my steps today? How can I be more loving? The ego loves to research the data you absorbed and bring it forth for your highest good, but only when you are in the driver seat. Because the ego was ill-suited for the driver seat position it actually didn’t know how to succeed, by taking back the steering wheel you have freed yourself and your ego! Here are a few examples of positive questions you can ask; Let’s say you desire to be a particular weight. For one of the steps you chose to have one cheat day a week, but as the weight starts to come off and you’ve been asking questions such as, How can I create better results? an inner answer may suggest you limit your cheat day to one meal per week. After more weight or if you hit a plateau, and because you are constantly asking positive questions, one suggestion that resonates with you may be to have one dessert a week and so on. Or let’s say you wanted to write a book and you knew you could commit to one hour every day to write, but as momentum took hold and you asked positive questions you moved it up to two hours a day.  As you continually breakthrough each moment of resistance the ego throws your way, because it will, out of habit, try to get back into the driver seat, your confidence will soar and you’ll want your desire to come that much quicker. Once everyone is in the proper position and held there the miracles will abound! 

3.  Commit and self-direct yourself to the steps you created no matter what.  By acknowledging, and affirming there will be times the challenges or obstacles the ego hurls at you will suck prepares you for them.  With acceptance you know the purpose of the ego, and with awareness you understand the ego belongs in the proper position to be most successful. This isn’t about resisting more or struggling against any part of you, however by being aware of what position every part of you plays best allows for a well functioning team. Continually and consistently choose your goals and you will remain in the driver seat, where you belong.  

4.  Act as if you already have what you desire. How would you dress? How would you walk? How would you stand? How would you talk? Go ahead and try it. Let’s say you have your goal this very minute now walk across the room. Notice how you carried yourself and continue doing that.  Play the role and use phrases like, I am on my way, I am figuring this out, I am doing it, I feel good/great/fantastic! 

5. Celebrate each time you choose to self-direct yourself toward your commitments and remain in the driver seat!  

I am so happy to give you permission to go after the unlimited possibilities you possess. You know the formula, you know where the ego and you belong so go shine your light! I’m excited to see what is coming from you!

Much peace to you all!


Copyright c Sandy Lucas 2013