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3 steps to change inefficient habits?

Hello & welcome back! 

This week we’re going to do the opposite of what isn’t working for you or your life. That’s right folks change is coming to town! This solution can work for disorganization or clutter, & you can use this for any area in your life that isn’t working, I give you permission. These steps are important & you would think the most logical, yet we find ourselves falling back & relying on what doesn’t work; old habits, over & over again. Not anymore!  I’m going to teach you how to find ways to support your efforts & benefit you. You most definitely can & will change the inefficient habits in your life & here’s how… 

1. Take inventory. In column form, on the left side of the paper, make a list of what isn’t working in your life, a problem or issue, or what doesn’t support or benefit you & be specific. You know what you don’t want in your life, what hurts or limits you, now it’s time to discover what you DO want. On the right side write the opposite. Bingo! You have just acknowledged a problem & created the answer. Congratulations! Now, you have to take action, but before you fabricate a plan or steps to get you to your changes, lets explore what it will feel & look like once you are there. Please proceed to step number 2.

2. Define & describe. Define what it looks & feels like, to have this problem behind you, to have what isn’t working in your life functioning happily or removed altogether. Let’s pretend a miracle occurred in the night vanishing or changing your issue & when you awoke what would be different that allowed you to know it transformed or departed? Describe how you would act & behave? How would you talk & what would you think about, what would you do different? Imagining this area. problem or issue, changed or evolved would that free you for other things in your life? Allow yourself to imagine as much as you want to get into that feel good place. Now, let’s proceed to step number 3.  

3. Discipline & action. Discipline is creating an action plan & taking consistent steps for a certain amount of time either until the change occurs, or until the plan becomes your new habit. The plan or steps you take must be tailored & specific to you. What worked for me may not be the right fit for you. One way to find the best plan for you would be to uncover past accomplishments. What in the past worked for you that may work for you in this area? You may have to tweak or adjust a plan until you find the best fit for you, or pick & choose incorporating bits & pieces from several different ideas, or create an entirely new strategy. The important thing to remember is you are taking responsibility by acknowledge what doesn’t work for you or your life, & creating a plan to change it. Bravo! If you allow your ineffective thoughts, excuses or justification to get in the way, it keeps you chained to your inefficient habits. Break free because you are better than that. Get out of your way, make a plan & stick to it!   

You got this!