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The Miracle Breakthrough!

Hello & welcome back!

Have you noticed what you truly desire appears to be the hardest to accomplish?  You are not alone.  I learned from author Steven Pressfield that with every desire comes resistance, what is most important to you is wrought with opposition. Our job is to overcome the resistance.

First, let’s discuss resistance, as it comes in many forms. The most prevalent is through our thoughts that repetitively say, “you can’t, shouldn’t, mustn’t,” These thoughts come from our ego, along with voices from our past, or the opinions, stigmas or stereotype of our community or society as a whole.  They show up through sabotage, our own or from another, procrastination, excuses, thinking something is fundamentally wrong with ourselves. If you hear nothing else please here this, It isn’t you, the true you, however It is up to you to find the freedom from the resistance or as I refer to it as the false self.

I’ll use the example by Mr. Pressfield, he said, “It is like slaying a dragon.” 

I like to use the acronym for ego as, “Edging Greatness Out.” Resistance is the negative force that flares when you move away from ego and toward something greater. The stronger the desire the more resistance you’ll feel or experience. The fact that with every dream there will be a degree of opposition. That is why I say it isn’t you and you aren’t alone, it is a fact for everyone. 

The first part to overcome and breakthrough the resistance is decide what you desire. Be courageous and name what it is. Decide what it looks like and what action will be needed to accomplish it. Understand resistance will show up, it will try to Edge Greatness Out, but now you have the knowledge, the power, you are prepared, you know it isn’t the true you. To be free of resistance you act, you continue to commit to your desire, you stay steadfast no matter what. As the story goes, the hero continues to face the dragon and once it is slayed the reward is the gold the dragon guarded!

Peace ~ Sandy


Copyright 2013 by Sandy Lucas