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How do you want your space to feel?

Hello and welcome back!

How do you feel in your space today, right now, in this minute?

Check in with your body. Does being in this space create a feeling of peace or chaos? Does it ignite creativity or does it give you a stomach ache? Do you feel clear and inspired or uncertain and unfocused? Unsettled? Overwhelmed? Dissatisfied? Distressed? Uncomfortable? Disgust? Okay, you get the idea. If your space has the ability to create these hectic emotions it is no wonder many disconnect from the disorganization. Many would rather ignore the disarray, justify the mess or deny the clutter is a problem than deal with it. But what if your space could create positive emotions? Would you then do something about your space?

Simply, decide how you want to feel in your space

Create a mental picture of you in a space that is comfortable and offers peace and relaxation. Or picture a fun and creative space that offers passion and inspiration to spring forth. How about a space that feels settled and satisfying with all your items organized in places that are convenient.  How about a space where happiness is a priority and all the things that make you smile surrounds you? Maybe you see yourself in a room with very few items and that provokes the feeling you desire. Perhaps your ideal is to have family treasures gathered to create the emotions you find most appealing. This is your space you get to decide. Have you uncovered the image and the emotions that suit you best?

Now go create it

Constantly refer to the mental image in your mind while you get busy creating a space that will empower you and bring you joy! Keeping the vision will guide you and help you make decisions easier on what stays and what goes.

Best wishes always!


Owner of Freedom from Clutter


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The Joy of Choosing Freedom!

Hello and welcome back!

What does your possessions, your time, or your attention bring to your life?  Joy? Suffering? Peace? Drama? Happiness? Stress?

If joy or peace is you priority clutter will withhold it from your experience. I will first distinguish what clutter is. Clutter is anything that does not serve, benefit, or nurture your life today. It is anything that creates negative feelings. Clutter comes in many forms, it could be material items, activities, a schedule, stories, thoughts, beliefs, and people or relationships. Anything you experience that does not create positive feelings is clutter.

What are your choices?

If you choose to keep the clutter in your life, you continue to clutch to what does not benefit you. You know it is clutter, because it does not create enjoyment or peace. Life offers us a playground, we choose how to experience  it.  On this playground there will be chores and mandatory tasks. When you clutter your mind with stories about how a task is dreadful that will be your experience. However by releasing clutter, in this case the story, a switch occurs. Perhaps you accept a chore as something you do to keep your intention of a tidy home in tact. Now you find satisfaction in, or at least become  neutral about, the chore. Once you experience the freedom that releasing clutter brings, the momentum will take hold.  You may have chosen to ignore, deny, or push the clutter aside for another day. With that choice understand you will continue to experience the negativity  until you make a different decision.

What matters

The clue to the clutter in your life is how you feel. If you feel positive, happy and content mostly, the chance of clutter may be nonexistent. If you feel negatively, your inner guide is alerting you to what does not benefit you. Pay attention.

You can choose, at any time, to live with freedom, in joy and in peace by becoming aware of how you feel. Make feeling positive more important than your clutter. In reality whether you have clutter in your life or not is not really what matters. What matters is if you get lost in the story about the clutter by letting it entice or seduce you to keep it or get more, if you ignore your negative feelings, or you become dependent on your clutter as though it represents who you are. Any of those are harmful and do not nurture your life today. Let go and feel the joy, even if that means finding a new playground!

Much love and peace to you all!




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Get out of your own way

Hello and welcome back!

When we believe our negative thoughts and attach our identity to them there is a ripple effect that stretches far and wide. By taking the negative thoughts and believing that what they say is the truth of who we are we bolster the energy behind it which is toxic to ourselves and others. Whenever you feel anything but love, joy, and peace you are living from these thoughts, from a false sense of self. To understand the warning signs we need to recognize when we form any kind of negative judgment, feel strong emotions, and use the words, should, shouldn’t, must, mustn’t, never and always we are building a dam and stopping life’s flow. Labels are another tell tale sign we are in life’s way. The labels we either assign to ourselves or heard from others and believe they are the truth about who we are leads us on a downward spiral and further away from our true selves. When we believe these labels and negative thoughts or the stories our minds spew we doubt our abilities, we second guess our decisions, we make excuses out of fear, we suffer, and feel powerless. These negative thoughts make everything so complicated that we eventually disconnect completely from the truth. Instead of questioning or not believing this insane mind chatter we support this false identity by using emotions to emphasize the truth behind these negative thoughts. “It’s raining, now my picnic is ruined.” Feeding this inner thought pattern means you believe the rain is somehow your or someone else’s fault and lash out. Allowing our thoughts to immobilize us of having a loving and peaceful life permits the cycle to continue going round and round creating more and more inner and outer dysfunction.

For an even better understanding I’ll go back to when the thoughts began. The ego needed conclusions, answers and reasons, to our experiences that we tied strong emotions to. Due to these reactionary conclusions the ego designated a self-image, believe it or not, to keep us safe. What causes us to get in our way of who we really are is when we believe we are this false self and that we need saving. We’ve been brainwashed by our own thoughts. If we all knew the simplicity of life, and how we are here to cooperate and help each other there wouldn’t be all the drama that people have gotten addicted to. We are love, peace, and joy. That is the truth, everything else was made up to somehow protect us, but caused destruction instead.   

The way to get us back to our true selves and release the chaos and stress these thoughts created is to deal with facts only. Leaving off the verbs, the second half of sentences. For example with the above sentence, “It’s raining,” by leaving off the judgment, “now my picnic is ruined”, leaves a gap, it allows an openness, a space for solutions. By not tying a story, verbs, or emotions to the truth allows only the truth to emerge. “It’s raining.” You lessen the hold these thoughts have on you by simply not believing “now it’s ruined” just see it as a story, a judgment, your mind created. The true self accepts the rain and finds a solution or makes the best of the situation. The false self gets in its way with emotions, negative thoughts, and a story. 

Here is a formula for any thing you want to be better prepared for or whatever you find undesirable and want to change without using a story or emotions. By using the five “W” words; why, what, when, where and who to your planning or desires. Use it, apply it, practice it until you simply plan without excuses, or self-doubt, or second guessing yourself or getting wrapped up in stories and emotions.

I’ll give you a general example. Let’s say I want to plan Thanksgiving. Why am I planning? I am planning for the Thanksgiving holiday. When? Two months from now on Thanksgiving Day. Where? At my daughters house one hour away. What? I will bring dessert, I’d like a new outfit, and would like to bring small gifts or plan activities for the children. Who? There will be eight adults and four children. And since I’m bringing dessert I know one loves pumpkin pie and another likes apple. No emotions involved, just a simple plan. I can now get out my calendar mark the date and make a list for the needed purchases I can pick up over the next couple of months.


Let’s say your planning for a new job. Why am I planning? I am in the process of getting a new job. When? My desire is to have a new job within the months. Where? Anywhere that is fifteen to thirty minutes travel time, one way.  What? I will spend one hour or less today updating my resume and print off several. I will search the area for possible employment opportunities until I find one. Who? I will let others know of my search. I will use a hiring agency if necessary.   

Notice how emotions don’t play a role when  you use this formula. There is no talking yourself out of anything. It is action oriented versus emotionally driven. Give it a try. What do you have to lose, except the stress those negative thoughts create! Hooray! 

Peace ~ Sandy

Copyright 2013 by Sandy Lucas


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Throwing You a Lifesaver

Hello and welcome back!

I am inviting you to automate your life with the routines and habits that work for you. When life is filled with chaos, draining activities, and habits that don’t work what you get is a stress filled life, which will lead to a sick life and I don’t want that for you. To change this way of life, you’ll need to recognize what isn’t working. So grab a pen, a piece of paper and find a quiet spot. You are about to get honest with yourself. I want you to be aware of any mind chatter that appears. During this exercise you may hear your mind using the word “should” along with some defensiveness, explanations and excuses. Any change will cause some ego confusion which is fine just don’t get caught up in it.

Okay, ready? Take a few deep breathes and as you become quiet, ask the questions below, hear the answer, and allow your pen to simply record it. As you become aware of any mind chatter just bring yourself back by repeating the question. Become repetitive, ask the question, hear the answer, record it, ask the question, hear it, record, ask, hear, record. Once the answers stop flowing freely move on. 

On the first list I want you to ask, “What do I enjoy? What brings me peace?” On the second list ask yourself, “What would I like to incorporate into my life?” On the third list ask and record, “What drains me? What doesn’t bring me peace, makes me insane, or I don’t enjoy?” 

Whenever I am not experiencing a peaceful, happy, or joy filled life, I see it for what it is and know it is time for some soul searching. I created these lists to allow my true self to communicate with me, to find out what was going on within. As I get honest and tune in these lists have been eye opening. Without the lists I wouldn’t know what needed changing or how to get me back to my natural happy state. I hope it is helpful to you as well.

The following are a few examples of what I experienced. On the third list, what drains me, I noticed someone had asked me to do something, but the list showed me I didn’t want to. Another item was a “should” I thought I was supposed to do it, but deep down hated. Another one was a very old familiar habit that no longer worked for me in the way I had first intended. What I noticed, when I am willing to release an item, the solution, if needed, shows up. For instance, one time I wrote “Dieting”. This surprised me because dieting had become a way of life for me, but what the list showed me was how complicated I made it. Once I released it, an inner knowing appeared, I was to eat when I was hungry, eat the foods my body recognized and to do those two as often as possible. By releasing “dieting”, listening and applying what my true self relayed to me, the pounds melted away! Sometimes the ego, the mind chatter, has its own way of doing things, but can also add to your stress. My true self is what recognizes my needs, I found this works best to quiet the little bugger.

I’ve seen some things from the first list, what I enjoy and what brings me peace, disappear, yet they were important to my happiness. So the list has allowed me to see when I am getting away from what I need. And the second list, what I wanted to incorporate, was eye opening as well. One time it showed me a desire I had tucked away many years ago, but was now ready to reemerge.  

The final step is to figure out how to eliminate what drains you, what doesn’t bring you joy or peace. To keep your stress level to the bare minimum it is important to protect your peace and happiness. In some cases you won’t need to do anything, but just decide to let go. Another one may have gotten too complicated and may need to be released until you see it through renewed eyes. One may no longer serve you. Maybe you can hire someone to do the things that drain you. If you think you may upset someone remind yourself you are not responsible to act, say, do or be a specific way to make another comfortable or happy. It is your happiness and comfort level you are responsible for and in control of. It is time to have a life you enjoy and the place you find peace.    

Peacefully ~ Sandy

Copyright 2013 by Sandy Lucas 

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Trust the Process

Hello and welcome back!

Have you heard the phrase, “You can take the person out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the person” ? The “hood”, in this example, is referring to the ego created self. The “hood”, for example sake, doesn’t mean that is who you are. True it may have been an experience, but that is all. Once a story about the experience was created it became your self concept. The ego has created a self image due to your emotionally charged experiences you had mostly as a child. The ego’s job is to protect you, to keep you alive. It believes by keeping this self image of you in tact will help. It doesn’t matter if you agree with this self image or not. The ego believes that is who you are and will continuously prove it to you by the thoughts it sends you and if you balk it will send in Mr. Fear. However, it doesn’t know if the self image it created is harmful or not. It does not know yes or no, right or wrong. It only knows the conclusions it came to from your emotionally charged experiences. It knows where your attention is at all times and what repetitive patterns, habits, and behaviors you exhibit. It will keep bringing you more of the same, again to protect you.

If it believes you are a person who lacks money because you place your focus or attention on the lack of money even if you won the lottery it would sabotage your efforts to become a rich person.  Not that you couldn’t change, but it would be beneficial if you understood how to work with your ego and how to trust life to do so.

The trick to turn your life around is to Trust the Process.

1.  Accept what is showing up even if it sucks. Once you learn to  accept life without reacting negatively you empower yourself. For example, you are headed out of town on a flight and your alarm failed to go off. You notice you may have enough time if everything goes smoothly. You trust the process by accepting your alarm didn’t go off and get dressed. You hit traffic. Again, you decide to trust the process, you place your attention on relaxing and know all will work out exactly as life has intended. As you release the panic and struggle and focus on  breathing the traffic opens up and you arrive with only minutes to spare. At check-in you are told the plane had been delayed and they have your seat waiting.  When you trust the process you allow life to be as is and miracles happen. Even if you didn’t make it on time, when you are truly committed to the process, you accept there was a reason for the missed flight.  When you accept what is happening in any given moment and you trust the process life will support you.  It will bring you exactly what you need, and what is best for you, even when you don’t know the reason, or understand it, or like it. Let go and trust the process.

2. Your true self is love, joy and peace. When you are anything but those the ego is around. The ego creates judgments and story’s to bring you back to the self image it created, but you can work with the ego versus struggle against it.  For example, if you wanted to change something about yourself decide what that looks like to  you and than focus on, act and behave, your way to being or having it. Find a plan or practices that support your change and take consistent, slow, if necessary, steps (consistency is the key not the speed) showing your ego you are safe. If you want more income do things that show you’re rich.  Whether it be to study books on investing, joining financial classes,  taking a big ticket car for a test drive or going to open houses in a neighborhood you will live in. Mentally bring emotionally charged experiences of having and spending large sums of money into your mind and continue to replay it daily. Focus on what you DO want and the good feelings it provokes. Align yourself with your definition of what you want and trust the process by being open to what shows up and act on everything that inspires you. 

3. Be the space for uneasy feelings, but don’t be the uneasy feeling. Meaning if you attach story’s to experiences or what is happening in your life it will bring about feelings. To avoid this focus on facts only. It is raining, period. Instead of, it is raining and my picnic is ruined.  It is raining. Now what? Or the house is cluttered, period. Instead of my house is cluttered and I’m a lazy slob.  By focusing on the facts only you are accepting what is, and if it is undesirable, act, do something about it. A story or judgment makes you a victim of the circumstance and is used as an excuse or justification to hold back change and to keep the ego created self in tact. Instead of accepting the situation you are accepting the judgment about it. 

As you begin this process, uneasy feelings will still come up, become aware of it and be the space for it. Don’t react and don’t make it about you just be aware it is there and put your attention on an object or your breath or the energy inside your body.  Again, the fact is you have an uneasy feeling that happens to be in your space, period. Accept it. Tell yourself it is a story you’ve been attached to for a long time, but it is time to get on board with trusting the process and than breathe and let it go.

I wish you all the potential life has to offer!

Pease ~ Sandy

Copyright 2013 by Sandy Lucas