Freedom From Clutter

Get organizing assistance from Sandy

Freedom from Clutters Services

In Connecticut and Massachusetts I offer hands on services. I help support you to unclutter and reorganize in the following areas:

Down size from your current location to a smaller abode

Help with packing and/or unpacking

Set up a home, office, apartment or dorm to maximize efficiency

Organize your home for an estate sale

Stage a home for sale

Assist in sorting through a closet, room, desk, and finding an organizing style best suited for you.

Freedom from Clutter helps identify the things that no longer serve, nurture or benefit your life today and supports you in releasing it. This is a safe and nonjudgmental company.

Once you contact Freedom from Clutter there will be an initial consultation the fee is $25.00 for 30 minutes. At this time I’ll assess your needs and give you a time and billing estimate for your project. Fee is $50.00 an hour.

For others outside of our hands on areas we offer assistance via telephone or Skype with your clutter and disorganization issues. The fee for this service is $35.00 an hour paid through paypal . I look forward to helping and supporting anyone who needs Freedom from Clutters valuable, helpful, and useful organizing skills.

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One thought on “Freedom from Clutters Services

  1. I hope your business becomes successful. The writing helps introduce you as approachable, the services are needed and your tips are helpful. Keep up the good work; I found your blog from a response you wrote on the Daily Love blog.

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