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7 Habits of organized people

Hello and welcome back!

1. Plan each day the night before

Planning for the next day allows for a smooth morning. Organized people check their calendar or planner for the next days agenda and pick out their outfit accordingly. They clean the kitchen and prepare lunch and set up for coffee or tea and may even set up for breakfast. Whatever is needed for the next day and can be laid out they do so.

2. Have a landing and launch pad

This is by the door they use. Anything that needs to leave the house is placed in this location. This area is where they leave their keys as well. They do not let mail accumulate so there may be  a mail sorting system in this area, such as a trash can, a shredder and perhaps a container for mail that needs further and future attention. If hanging a coat in this area would work, but if there is no closet install hooks.

3. Set intentions and have clear routines in place

An organizers life is uncomplicated and convenient. They have clear intentions of how a space functions which they rarely veer from they would rather find a new solution. They know the peaceful feeling of tidy spaces and uncluttered areas so they pick up after themselves. They identify what works and what doesn’t. Organized people are creative and solution-minded. Their routines are in place so no matter what is going on around them their home and themselves function well. They have a planned day and  know what they can manage and what they cannot. Their to-do lists are not huge, but they are clear and they carry the list with them so if a moment opens up they can take a quick glance to see what can be taken care of. They manage to get everything done, even with an active lifestyle, because of these routines. For example, if they know a busy day is ahead they may prepare a crockpot meal for that night. Grant it you cannot prepare for everything, but with routines in place the day definitely runs smoother. With routines in place they actually free up time for the important stuff.

4. They adhere to the Do-It-Now principle.

While in the bathroom getting ready for work they take an extra moment and wipe down the area. Once awake they make the bed.  If, for example, they get an invitation they immediately put all the information in their calendar before they even decide if they are going. It takes it from having to remember it to a place they can go back to at a future time. Since they refer to their calendar daily it will not get too far ahead of them, but it frees their mind from having to remember it. They have a pad and paper in the kitchen and bathroom to  record items that need to be added to the grocery list. They have cleaner and rags or towel paper under every sink. They complete the laundry through each stage, I actually use a timer for this chore. What could take hours to clean down the road will only take a moment of your time  now.

5. Prioritize

They know when their life runs efficiently their day tends to run smoother. They create a weekly menu and make a shopping list from the menu, this allows for one trip to the grocery store.  They de-clutter often. They clean as they go so their is not the one day all day cleaning marathon. They know if something would work better by giving a job or chore to someone else they do, or they hire someone. They take action when necessary, but they also know when to recharge and rest. Since relaxation is a priority they know having a space that allows reflects that is the reward.

6. Everything has a place

Often people get cluttered because nothing has a place. An organized person knows before purchasing something where it will go. They know by de-cluttering often what needs to be purchased and are very aware of what space they have. Many organized people have a one-in-one-out rule. I do the opposite one-out-one-in. Doing it this way gives me options. By doing it the other way, if I bring something home and something now has to go I feel put upon, so I de-clutter first and  if something interests me I know if I have room for it or not. When everything has a place it takes less time to find things and when you put it back immediately after using it your space stays tidy and you will be able to find it again.

7. Make it fun and it will get done

Organized people free up time for fun, and while completing chores they make it fun. With a timer you could play beat the clock. Or put away laundry during a commercial and see if you make it back before the program does. When you make any chore fun it no longer feels like drudgery. Let’s face it if you have to do it anyway you may as well make it fun and entertaining! They also shelve perfectionism and go for progress. They find what supports them and then creates it.

Wishing you all a very peaceful and happy holiday!