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3 Reasons You Hold Onto Clutter

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Hello and welcome back!

You have all heard that open areas and spaces allow us to slow down and enjoy the calm and peace. Then why is there still too much stuff?

Reason #1

What to do with all this stuff? You may feel this task will take forever so you keep putting it off. What if I told you by releasing this clutter you will open your life for all the things waiting to come in?

Here’s what to do: Take action. Pick a specific amount of time, let’s say, 15 minutes. Pull out a  draw, desk top, closet, or a collection of whatever you have more than 10 of. Ask, “Do I use you? Do I really, really, really love you? Would I buy you today?” The important part of this exercise is to answer quickly, otherwise you start to get into your head where stories, justifications and ‘yea-but’ live. Repeat this exercise until you have released all your clutter.

Reason #2

You have the I-may-need-it-one-day syndrome.

Even if a product did not work out to your satisfaction you find it difficult to donate or give it away. You want your money’s worth, even if it is taking up space for things that would serve you today. Or you believe you or someone will need ‘it’ one day, this also takes up space that could be better used for what truly benefits your life today. Plus this keeps a belief of lack in place. You don’t trust that you will be provided for in the future.

Here’s what to do: Box the items you don’t use and label the box with the contents. Give the box a date, let’s say one year. After the year is up donate the box knowing you or another needed none of it. If you did take an item or two out, at least you know what was actually needed and what is not.

Reason #3

Fear. You may fear if you discard something you will forget the memories. Or you suffer guilt because someone gave you an item and you fear hurt feelings if you give it away. If an item represents your status, you have your identity tied into an object you fear you are not enough as is. Fear is robbing you of the freedom you will experience once you release the clutter.

Here’s what to do: There are a number of creative things to do with sentimental items (way too many to list). The most important is to honor what you respect. I often go into clients homes who can’t release items that are in storage units, the back of closets or in a heap in the corner. What you honor you display with love. When you have so much it all just becomes junk. Honor what YOU love and release the rest knowing someone else will be blessed with your abundance. Accept your memories are as close as your imagination. By fearing others wrath because you released an item that was given to you, tell them you just didn’t have the room, but they can visit it at Goodwill. <Joking, kinda>.

Much peace to you all!

Your de-cluttering guru ~Sandy

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