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The Holidays are coming, Part 2

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Hello and welcome back!

Just a reminder….

The last post I asked for a deadline and we are half way there. Have you thought about the holidays and what your needs will be? If not, take 15 minutes now and do it.

Finding what works for you

Perhaps you love lists or you may loath them, whichever is you preference, the mere fact you are preparing for the inevitable upcoming celebrations is a major plus. Maybe your normal style is to procrastinate until the last minute. Or do you work well under pressure with looming deadlines? Do you dread what you assume will be drudgery and end up doing nothing? No matter how you get stuff done you’ll love the assignment I gave you… which is coming to an end on Sunday. Go on. Get going.

Drop the perfectionism

Perfectionism is a killer. Whether you stress to get the right gifts, have the best decorations, or bake the most delicious cookies having a perfectionist attitude kills your spirit. Many are looking for approval or validation, or know they won’t get it anyway so what’s the use in even trying? By planning and preparing now helps remove perfectionism because we are handling the facts only not emotions or stories. This alone will allow the stress to subside, I promise. If traditions are important talk to those who participate and find out what others really feel about them, you may be surprised how many you’ll be able to let go of.

Go ahead and do the assignment

Even just thinking about what YOU want to do with the upcoming celebrations will put you in control. Most importantly create an intention of how you want to feel. For example, My intention is to be calm and enjoy all the festivities over the next couple of months with plenty of great connections and laughter. If you start to feel anxious remember your intention and find ways to bring yourself back to your intention. Keep your intention in mind constantly, what you focus on you bring upon!

Cheers to you all!



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