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A simple process once you know the formula

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Hello and welcome back to Freedom from Clutter!

There is a process in de-cluttering and getting organized.

You could also agree everything in life is a process. If you’ve noticed whatever area you have wanted to improve, change or eliminate does not happen overnight. Nor will it  come in the form of a magic pill. And unfortunately no one can do it for you. Depending on how you view the process will depend on your outcome. If, for example, you perceive the process to be hard, guess what, it will be.

Is de-cluttering difficult?

Not if you know the formula or you hire Freedom from Clutter. With any process you have to know you are capable. You have to make a choice. I learned recently a habit is something I am unaware of, but once I become aware of it, it becomes a choice. Choices can change moment to moment. I can help you with the choice to unclutter your life.

Clutter is usually delayed decisions.

Have you ever had a splinter? It is annoying, but immediate relief is gained once it is removed. Or the overhead lights that buzz. As soon as the switch is “off” the buzzing and the annoyance immediately stops. Clutter is insidious, you don’t know the damage it causes until you release it. Clutter is something you have put off, delayed, and have not taken care of, but it isn’t allowing you to have what would serve your life today. If is it too daunting a job you are unwilling to deal with or don’t know where to begin please call me, I want to help you have all you desire.

You have to decide to start.

Once you take that first step and release some clutter the freeing effect takes hold and creates momentum. Decide on one small area and clear it out or take one thing you have a lot of (DVD’s, magazines, or paper) and go through it. Gather receptacles (suggestions- laundry baskets, garbage bags, boxes) and label them  “toss”, “keep”, and “donate”. Once the designated area is uncluttered noticed the satisfaction you feel and the freedom that has settled in so nicely. Celebrate the change you created!

How I can help.

I naturally see order and can help in any area that has cluttered your life. Through a series of questions together we discover what is holding you back from a fulfilling and satisfying life, and a bit more room too.

Please contact me. Leave a reply if you’d like.

Much peace to you!




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