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The Joy of Choosing Freedom!

Hello and welcome back!

What does your possessions, your time, or your attention bring to your life?  Joy? Suffering? Peace? Drama? Happiness? Stress?

If joy or peace is you priority clutter will withhold it from your experience. I will first distinguish what clutter is. Clutter is anything that does not serve, benefit, or nurture your life today. It is anything that creates negative feelings. Clutter comes in many forms, it could be material items, activities, a schedule, stories, thoughts, beliefs, and people or relationships. Anything you experience that does not create positive feelings is clutter.

What are your choices?

If you choose to keep the clutter in your life, you continue to clutch to what does not benefit you. You know it is clutter, because it does not create enjoyment or peace. Life offers us a playground, we choose how to experience  it.  On this playground there will be chores and mandatory tasks. When you clutter your mind with stories about how a task is dreadful that will be your experience. However by releasing clutter, in this case the story, a switch occurs. Perhaps you accept a chore as something you do to keep your intention of a tidy home in tact. Now you find satisfaction in, or at least become  neutral about, the chore. Once you experience the freedom that releasing clutter brings, the momentum will take hold.  You may have chosen to ignore, deny, or push the clutter aside for another day. With that choice understand you will continue to experience the negativity  until you make a different decision.

What matters

The clue to the clutter in your life is how you feel. If you feel positive, happy and content mostly, the chance of clutter may be nonexistent. If you feel negatively, your inner guide is alerting you to what does not benefit you. Pay attention.

You can choose, at any time, to live with freedom, in joy and in peace by becoming aware of how you feel. Make feeling positive more important than your clutter. In reality whether you have clutter in your life or not is not really what matters. What matters is if you get lost in the story about the clutter by letting it entice or seduce you to keep it or get more, if you ignore your negative feelings, or you become dependent on your clutter as though it represents who you are. Any of those are harmful and do not nurture your life today. Let go and feel the joy, even if that means finding a new playground!

Much love and peace to you all!





How to Simplify You Life in 1 Easy Step

Hello and welcome back!

How to simplify your life in 1 easy step.

Stop doing what does not work. Yup, it is that easy. What’s that, you say it must be more difficult. Nope. Seriously. I promise. I know it sounds like it would be a no-brainer to stop doing what does not work, yet there is so much information on how-to change, shift and transform circulating and being produced. Maybe I have a secret that allows you to do it this time! Read on…

Identify 1 behavior that does not work?

I am asking you to identify only what you have control over. What do you do that clearly does not work, that does not make you happy. Pick one action, behavior or habit, it can be something small and simple, or annoying and large. Okay, got it?

Now what?

What would the opposite be of the one item you chose? For example, let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds and the habit of eating ice cream does not allow you to have what you desire. Now pick the opposite of the behavior you chose, which, in this case, would be to stop eating ice cream. Accept this habit is not letting you fulfill your desire, and that you truly want to release 10 pounds.  Another example may be  that you want to live in a peaceful environment, but you have too much clutter. The opposite could be to make decisions and take action on clearing your clutter.

Next step…

Now, decide what effective strategy and action steps you could put into place that would make your desire happen.  Get creative. For example, for eating ice cream, you could find an activity to do during the times you would have been indulging. Or you could decide to no longer purchase ice cream, or you could find an alternative to ice cream that would still allow you to happily fulfill your desire of transformation,  without creating guilt, frustration, or self-loathing. For the clutter your action plan may be to handle, sort, or clean out 1 pile, 1 drawer, or 1 item a day.

Do this until…

Practice your new pursuit until it becomes your new habit or the change you desire has been fulfilled. Here’s the secret! Make it more important to celebrate each step or each time you commit and focus on your desire than when you do not. Enjoy the journey along the whole route. When you tackle any goal in fear, that you “should” or “should not” be doing whatever, when you force or demand a specific outcome, or you hurry to the finish line, you lose the opportunity to notice all the best parts. By noticing and celebrating each step YOU did and took allows you to open yourself up to curiosity and an interest into what is taking place within you as you shift. Imagine a flower bud blossoming as you. By focusing on what you accomplished naturally brings a sense of wonder and adventure. Every time you take a step toward what you desire and you recognize each success, even the tiniest ones, you allow the sense of freedom, joy and enthusiasm all along the way. That daily momentum is what keeps you going when rough waters hit.

Keep going

Once you feel secure and your new habit is firmly in place move onto something else that you desire to shift, transform or change.  The progress you continually make will increase your confidence muscle. Take baby steps when changing habits and most importantly be gentle with yourself and for goodness sake CELEBRATE!

Much peace and love to you all! I would love to know what you chose, please let me know so I can support and cheer you on!


A quote to share ~

“Your life will change only when you decide to change it. ”

~Gary Zukav


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Do you live with Mr. Disorder?

Hello and welcome back!

Living with Mr. Disorder.

He comes into your home, but does not allow you to have any guests over, he likes you all to himself. He wants your full attention, and even though you find him annoying and needy you give in. Unfortunately to keep Mr. Disorder you may neglect you friends and family. Because of Mr. Disorder’s disruption you can’t concentrate on anyone or anything else anyway. He is making you tense and grumpy, but instead of kicking him out you snuggle up with him in your sweats and watch TV together. Sometimes you stay away as long as you can, spending more money than you have, or maybe you remain at the office until you’re exhausted.

What has he brought into your home?

He brought you chaos and dirty dishes. He brought mounds of dirty clothes and unfinished projects along with promises he’ll get to them, but never does. He left a stain or two, he denies it, on your floor and has mixed piles of paper with some of your important documents and bills. He brought games he doesn’t play and DVD’s he doesn’t watch. He leaves the shower dirty, along with spots on the mirror and he doodles his name in the dust. He doesn’t get rid of the clothes that don’t fit he just throws them on the treadmill he brought. He has a ton of books and magazines, but you’ve never seen him read. He brought roller skates and a bowling ball, but he doesn’t leave the house. He has several unpacked boxes. He says they were Aunt Mitilda’s things before she died. He doesn’t like any of it, but was appalled when you suggested he give them away. And he nearly bit your head off when you implied the gifts he received, but never used go to a consignment or thrift shop.  He takes up so much room he is suffocating you.

How do you deal with Mr. Disorder?

He doesn’t like vacations so he makes you stay home. You don’t host anything, because he doesn’t like company.  You don’t get invited out, because he makes you late or hides the invitation. He hides your keys as well. He begs for more stuff so you give in, although furious you are wasting your money. He talks you into finding bargains and going to yard sales to buy others cast-offs, he calls it a treasure hunt you call him a pain. You find yourself buying promises of happiness hoping to stop Mr. Disorder from making you so miserable. He keeps hiding Freedom from Clutters phone number.

Here is how you evict Mr. Disorder.

You must go slow or he’ll get suspicious. Take baby steps and create habits to change yourself and rid yourself of Mr. Disorder. As you gather the clutter put it in a box or bag and immediately put it in the trash or take it to a donation center before he notices it is gone. Keep doing this just a few minutes every day. If he notices the open space and cleared counters and table tops he may demand more stuff. Tell him you’re selling the place. You have to get it presentable. You want him to have faith and give you a little support. Focus your attention on how it feels to have open space, to have clothes that look good and fit you. Notice what it feels like to take action and give to others who don’t have much. How nice it is to park in your car in the garage and to know where your keys are. How happy being organized and clutter free feels. And the next time you are in a store and you hear Mr. Disorder demanding more stuff leave him on a shelf for someone else to bring him home.






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The easiest way to get organized

Hello and welcome back!

The easiest way to get organized…

You can’t organize clutter. The best piece of advice I could give anyone, client or not, would be to get rid of the clutter first before even trying to get organized.

Just get started…

I promise you by taking the first step the momentum will build. It is okay to go slow so you don’t burn out, and it is okay to complete a room, desk or closet before stopping. Whatever systems works best for you. Set a timer and begin.

What stops you…

Clutter is a pile or piles of delayed decisions. It is far easier to shove clutter into a drawer, closet, or garage than to decide what to do about it. As costly as storage units are it is still far easier to bring it there and cram it in with the rest of your clutter than decide what to do about it. Why?

The question, “what-if” won’t leave you alone…

Imagine you’ve moved the same boxes from home to home without unpacking them or using any of the items stored, yet you still keep them. You may think you will need these items some day. That means your belief system is set on lack. Perhaps you purchased items that promised happiness and you’re still waiting for the happiness to show up. But guess what? It isn’t coming through things. Happiness will be achieved once you release the clutter not add to it.

When to hire Freedom from Clutter…

When you decide you want only in your life what will serve and nurture you. It does not mean you become a minimalist, unless that is your desire. It does mean you will go through this with a professional who will lovingly help you through the journey. It is not costly financially or emotionally nor is it a timely process once we begin. You will experience freedom as you have never felt before and that my friend is priceless. I will help and support you in making decisions once and for all. Your reward is a clutter-free organized life!

If you have any question I would be more than happy to help and answer them. Just add a comment and I will return a reply toot sweet. Or leave me feedback on what you are having issues with so I can address them in the next blog.

You may not be able to control the chaos life brings, but you can have and enjoy peaceful surroundings.


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A simple process once you know the formula

Hello and welcome back to Freedom from Clutter!

There is a process in de-cluttering and getting organized.

You could also agree everything in life is a process. If you’ve noticed whatever area you have wanted to improve, change or eliminate does not happen overnight. Nor will it  come in the form of a magic pill. And unfortunately no one can do it for you. Depending on how you view the process will depend on your outcome. If, for example, you perceive the process to be hard, guess what, it will be.

Is de-cluttering difficult?

Not if you know the formula or you hire Freedom from Clutter. With any process you have to know you are capable. You have to make a choice. I learned recently a habit is something I am unaware of, but once I become aware of it, it becomes a choice. Choices can change moment to moment. I can help you with the choice to unclutter your life.

Clutter is usually delayed decisions.

Have you ever had a splinter? It is annoying, but immediate relief is gained once it is removed. Or the overhead lights that buzz. As soon as the switch is “off” the buzzing and the annoyance immediately stops. Clutter is insidious, you don’t know the damage it causes until you release it. Clutter is something you have put off, delayed, and have not taken care of, but it isn’t allowing you to have what would serve your life today. If is it too daunting a job you are unwilling to deal with or don’t know where to begin please call me, I want to help you have all you desire.

You have to decide to start.

Once you take that first step and release some clutter the freeing effect takes hold and creates momentum. Decide on one small area and clear it out or take one thing you have a lot of (DVD’s, magazines, or paper) and go through it. Gather receptacles (suggestions- laundry baskets, garbage bags, boxes) and label them  “toss”, “keep”, and “donate”. Once the designated area is uncluttered noticed the satisfaction you feel and the freedom that has settled in so nicely. Celebrate the change you created!

How I can help.

I naturally see order and can help in any area that has cluttered your life. Through a series of questions together we discover what is holding you back from a fulfilling and satisfying life, and a bit more room too.

Please contact me. Leave a reply if you’d like.

Much peace to you!