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Do you have mind clutter?

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Hello and Welcome back to Freedom from Clutter!

Is your mind cluttered with negativity?

Does the same old negative tapes play over and over in your mind? The anger, guilt, I should-of, ought to or wish I had. Does shame keep you up at night? Maybe it is the never ending to-do list that doesn’t allow you to be present. Perhaps you replay hurts and upsets that occurred in your past. Or maybe you are anxious about the future. If it is negative and isn’t allowing you peace or clarity it is clutter. Clutter is anything that does not serve or nurture the life you are creating today.

Become Aware

Notice when your mind is busy with negativity. Awareness is the key. Once you acknowledge anything you can then do something about it. When you have awareness you have choice. It will now be considered a choice to continue your negative mind chatter or not.

Do you need to understand it?

No. When I go through my clients material clutter I do not want my clients to get caught up on their why’s. I ask specific questions to get an immediate response. Why’s only get your stories, excuses and justifications started which strengthens your attachment to the clutter. You may not know that the overhead lights annoy you until someone turns the light switch off and the buzzing sound vanishes. You do not need to know why the lights buzz only that you find relief when they are turned off. Freedom and clarity is what I want for you. What’s important is that you recognize what does not nurture or serve your life today.

How to release it

Your mind has two functions. The first is to keep you on task, washing the dishes, getting dressed, driving the car, walking, getting from point A to point B, and second it is to warn you of danger, however, if given the chance, it can also drive you crazy the more control you give it. There are two things I adhere to all day long. The first is to anchor myself. I am as conscious as I can be throughout the day. This allows any task to become pleasurable and keeps the mind active on where it serves best. I incorporate my senses. I describe what I see, hear, feel, smell, taste and what is happening within my body. For example, I concentrate on my heart beating. Or I focus on my breath coming in and going out. The second thing is I assign my mind a task that is positive. If my mind is overly active I will recite a positive word associated with each letter of the alphabet. When I am restless or impatient I will often pick any of the three funny incidents that occurred in my life and replay them in my mind. When in traffic I remind myself of favorite vacation spots I either visited or would like to visit. I also recite continuously throughout my day, “Thank you for a peaceful mind.” These all do the trick!

I wish you all much peace, clarity and freedom!





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