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Less clutter, more clarity

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Welcome to Freedom from Clutter!

When you release your clutter you gain freedom, clarity, and creativity! I want that for you!

Let’s understand what clutter is.

Clutter is anything that holds you back and what does not or no longer serves you. The only way to welcome into your life what would support, nurture and serve you today is to let go of what limits you from creating the life you want.

Be willing to let go of the life you planned and accept the life you have so you can grow.

Where do you should on yourself? “I should be thinner.” I should be on time.” “I shouldn’t be this messy.” “I should be able to find my keys.” Stop “should-ing” on your life, instead I suggest you free-up that space to accept the life you have. The only way to start to live an uncluttered life and be able to welcome all the things that will serve and nurture your life today is to accept exactly where you are. You can not change the past, so hold off on being upset when you examine what is limiting your life. Most people don’t want to be honest about their lives because they are fearful of what they may find, but it is actually easier and kinder when you accept what is. When a “should” is strong, it is because you want something to be different than it actually is, but continuing the “should” will only stagnant. By accepting where you are without judgment, and then if you want it to be different, inspired action will assist you in making a positive change. But you must first accept what has been holding you back. You don’t even have to know why you had this limiting issue, just accept you do.

Wherever your clutter is there is no need to despair.

With my help I can assist you in identifying where your clutter is disrupting your life. I support you in letting it go and together we will find what does serves and nurtures the life you are creating today. When you free up the space that limited you, you are free to welcome infinite possibilities.

An interesting bit of information.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota suspected that an orderly lifestyle could result in healthier behaviors. They divided 34 students to work in either an untidy or neat space. After ten minutes, the students were asked whether they wanted an apple or piece of chocolate. Those who spent time in an organized space were more than three times likelier to pick an apple. If your desk reflects a sense of discipline, you may be more apt to show restraint in other areas.

Please leave a comment if you have a question or want me to contact you.

May you enjoy an uncluttered life!






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