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Assignment Time

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Happy Sunday all!

You can’t organize clutter you can only release it.

Here’s a wonderful project for you. The point is to feel the freedom, clarity, and creativity that will come to you instantly once you complete this life changing assignment.

Take any flat surface- table top, night stand, dresser top, counter, desk, or use a bookcase or your car. Keep this in mind- the less time I have to give this project the smaller the item I will unclutter. Set a timer if you prefer knowing you have a beginning and an end to any chore you undertake. Remove everything from the space you chose. Now clean it. Look at it, notice the space you have created and how it makes you feel, you are engaging your mind, body and spirit to your space. Next, make an intention for that space. For instance, you may decide you want only what you love on it. Or you may decide the space will only hold things you use on a daily basis or whatever function works best for you and create it. Clean each item as you place it in on this surface. If you begin to feel uncomfortable it means you have either hit your set point, adding more is not the answer, or you are veering away from your intention, your body will not lie so pay attention to it. You may need to reevaluate the items, surface or intention. Next whatever items did not make it back on your surface, bookcase or car put them away, or donate them they may no longer serve you. Look at the space you created and truly enjoy it. Congratulations! You have just practiced the art of uncluttering your life! One item at a time! I’ve got you and will help you when you don’t know where to begin.


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