Freedom From Clutter

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Freedom from clutter!

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I provide top-notch clutter finder and organizing assistance. I work with you one-on-one either at your home, office, or online. I coach, teach and educate you on how to identify the clutter that can take over your day-to-day life and then support you in releasing it. I then help in creating personalized space that better serves your goals today.

Clutter is anything that no longer serves or nurtures you and your life. It can be too many clothes, too much paper, a stuffed attic, garage or storage locker you pay monthly for. It could be unused memberships, an unfinished business plan or manuscript. Or maybe sentimental items or mementos from family or stuff from an ex. Perhaps activities you no longer participate in or you are holding onto things just in case.

Once we identify what is in your way, holding you back or taking up valuable real estate and we compassionately release it you will feel an immediate freedom! I want you to feel what I feel. Removing clutter from your life frees you to welcome into your life what will serve and nurture you.

Freedom from clutter is here to make your life easier! Let’s get started today! Please leave me a comment with contact info. Thank you!


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