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How to make life work for you!

Hello and welcome back!

I created an experiment that was so successful I’d fail you not to share it. My goal was to figure out a way to have my ego cooperate and be a positive influence in my life. I decided to employee it as the task master. Since my ego works all the time, is creative and loves conclusions I would become question oriented and surrender to the information it would bring forth. I would allow my ego to do what it does best and find answers, I would ask positive questions trusting myself to act upon what it delivered. Our egos have data stored with everything we have ever observed, witnessed, and experienced and it loves to research and refer to this data. The universe knows our desires, our likes and wants and is trying to bring it all to us, however what I realized is when the ego is left unattended it may bring forth damaging information or negative experiences and holds us back or limit us. I understood I had to ask questions that would help me succeed not tear me down or make me insane.  I made a conscious effort to constantly and consistently ask only positive questions, understanding I would follow through no matter what. Eliminating second-guessing, self-doubt or questioning my intuition. I knew by forcing an outcome or becoming attached to a specific result I suffered. I determined quickly that in this position the ego performs beautifully and no longer spends much time bringing forth negativity.  Of course I heeded my instincts when informed of possible danger. Once I learned how to manage my ego, the task master, the more freedom and confidence I experienced. 

The how-to, ask a positive question, release any attachment to how you want the answer to come or what result you expect. Trust you will receive an answer and once you do follow it. In the beginning I stated to myself, I’m headed to the mall. I asked, What is the best route to get me there quickly and safely? I surrendered the question and trusted an answer would be found and anticipated results. Within seconds an inner knowing came through that gave me the route. When an unpleasant or unexpected issue pops up I ask, how can I remain happy and make this benefit or work for me?  My ego begins searching for positive answers. I trust and get out of my head, and before long an idea or solution occurs instinctively. The key is to remain unattached to whatever comes through. the by-product is always success no matter how it shows up. It isn’t about the result or answer as much as it is about the surrender and the follow through with the information or answer that was given. It is when you detach yourself from results or outcomes that you experience freedom. 

I wondered, if it was so important to surrender outcomes how would that effect my passions, desires and goals . A moment of truth flashed before me. I had many sales jobs and in all of them I was very successful. People would ask me my secret, but I would not know how to answer them since I thought selling was effortless. In reality I just loved meeting people, socializing, sharing stories and creating connections. I was never married to a single sales job nor did I care if I got the training correct or knew the product well I just wanted to be with people that I could connect with. I surrendered the sale, it wasn’t as important to me as it was to be social and because I let go of the end result I was successful. What I understood about desires, goals and passion and where it goes haywire is when we become desperate for the result we’ve imagined, and if we think we won’t be okay until. We mostly make goals because we think we will only feel good in the having of it or we can’t feel good until we have it. Opposed to believing we are perfect as is now or we can be happy now whether we accomplish our goals or not. In my sales job I didn’t tie my well-being to a sale. I was happy connecting with people whether I sold anything or not. I wasn’t in it for the money, the accolades, or the job, I was doing what I love, which is making connections with others. The sales, pay, accolades, and job were all a bonus! Maybe if we all acted as if we are okay right where we are miracles would happen or not, but either way we know we are okay. 

My biggest take away from this experiment was the more I detached from the thoughts in my head, the desperation of wanting things, or emotional investments in outcomes the more positive results I received effortlessly. When I attach my well-being or my comfort level to specific results I suffer. Discomfort is completely unnecessary. 

By employing your ego asking positive questions, surrender the outcome, trust you’ll receive the best answer for you and then follow through with the information you were given allows you to live your best life.  I wish this for you! You are perfect as you are!

Peace ~ Sandy

Copyright c sandy Lucas 2013