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The answers to what causes stress and how to eliminate it!

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Hello and welcome back!

Our thoughts cause all our stress. I swear, it’s true. Oh sure, I can hear you screaming, but it’s…. and giving me a litany of reasons, situations, and people as the cause of your stress. Just hear me out. Most all stress is due to you wanting something or someone to be different.  And who tells you it must be different? Your thoughts! The second cause of stress is because you make the situation personal.  Who makes it about you? Your thoughts!

It is important and dire you understand the damage stress can do internally so you commit to eliminate stress, not manage it, from your life. When you feel any strong negative emotions your body goes into flight or fight mode. Which means your adrenalin goes to your extremities leaving your center vulnerable to disease.  Your body wants to make sure you have the energy to flee, find safety, or fight to remain alive, instead of digesting your food or fighting off a bug attacking your organs. It sends a surge of energy outward to your arms and legs, because if your dead it wouldn’t matter if your blood pumped properly or you breathed normally. Your body doesn’t know if you are reacting to a bus barreling down on you, a spill on your dress, a dog attacking, a disagreement with your friend, or your kid leaving a sock on the floor.  Put simply, any strong emotion sends a signal to your body you are under attack and acts accordingly every single time!  If you allow this stress to continue you are vulnerable to a host of malady’s. Once you grasp the thoughts are tall tales and you learn how to stop your thoughts from hurting you, you will eliminate stress altogether. Oh, sure things will still happen, but by not believing the story’s your thoughts conjure, seeing the facts only, you actually free yourself for solutions to flood in. You’ll be saying, “That sucks. Now what?”

So, how do you eliminate stress from your life and protect your happiness? Recognize your thoughts as the cause of the stress you are experiencing. The good news is if you are causing it than you can eliminate it. Understanding your thoughts are judgments about facts. They are the part of the sentence that comes after the fact. If we just stayed with the fact and didn’t attach a story to it we’d be in great shape. It is raining. Now what? There is traffic. Now what? The boss is yelling. Period.

Grant it the story’s and judgments are still going to come, but you don’t have to attach yourself to mean something about you or even believe them.  Instead you become the witness to the thoughts running through your head. Knowing they are just tales allows the energy to dissipate. You become the space for the feelings these thoughts provoke. Agree to be the space for the energy. “I happen to be the space where anger energy is right now.”  By understanding it is just a story allows you to give up the automatic reaction to defend, blame, or hold tightly to a specific outcome. You also detach from the stress these actions and behavior creates. Once you agree to be the space for any negative emotions you feel, by either putting your attention on the energy within you, notice the aliveness in your body, or you can focus on an object in front of you mentally describing it. When the energy is ready to move through you you’ll take an involuntary breath and a sense of peace will come over you.  Without the fight or flight mode happening your body functions normally keeping bugs at bay and illnesses away! 

Peace ~ Sandy

Copyright 2013 by Sandy Lucas 


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