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Hello and welcome back!

Have you heard the phrase, “You can take the person out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the person” ? The “hood”, in this example, is referring to the ego created self. The “hood”, for example sake, doesn’t mean that is who you are. True it may have been an experience, but that is all. Once a story about the experience was created it became your self concept. The ego has created a self image due to your emotionally charged experiences you had mostly as a child. The ego’s job is to protect you, to keep you alive. It believes by keeping this self image of you in tact will help. It doesn’t matter if you agree with this self image or not. The ego believes that is who you are and will continuously prove it to you by the thoughts it sends you and if you balk it will send in Mr. Fear. However, it doesn’t know if the self image it created is harmful or not. It does not know yes or no, right or wrong. It only knows the conclusions it came to from your emotionally charged experiences. It knows where your attention is at all times and what repetitive patterns, habits, and behaviors you exhibit. It will keep bringing you more of the same, again to protect you.

If it believes you are a person who lacks money because you place your focus or attention on the lack of money even if you won the lottery it would sabotage your efforts to become a rich person.  Not that you couldn’t change, but it would be beneficial if you understood how to work with your ego and how to trust life to do so.

The trick to turn your life around is to Trust the Process.

1.  Accept what is showing up even if it sucks. Once you learn to  accept life without reacting negatively you empower yourself. For example, you are headed out of town on a flight and your alarm failed to go off. You notice you may have enough time if everything goes smoothly. You trust the process by accepting your alarm didn’t go off and get dressed. You hit traffic. Again, you decide to trust the process, you place your attention on relaxing and know all will work out exactly as life has intended. As you release the panic and struggle and focus on  breathing the traffic opens up and you arrive with only minutes to spare. At check-in you are told the plane had been delayed and they have your seat waiting.  When you trust the process you allow life to be as is and miracles happen. Even if you didn’t make it on time, when you are truly committed to the process, you accept there was a reason for the missed flight.  When you accept what is happening in any given moment and you trust the process life will support you.  It will bring you exactly what you need, and what is best for you, even when you don’t know the reason, or understand it, or like it. Let go and trust the process.

2. Your true self is love, joy and peace. When you are anything but those the ego is around. The ego creates judgments and story’s to bring you back to the self image it created, but you can work with the ego versus struggle against it.  For example, if you wanted to change something about yourself decide what that looks like to  you and than focus on, act and behave, your way to being or having it. Find a plan or practices that support your change and take consistent, slow, if necessary, steps (consistency is the key not the speed) showing your ego you are safe. If you want more income do things that show you’re rich.  Whether it be to study books on investing, joining financial classes,  taking a big ticket car for a test drive or going to open houses in a neighborhood you will live in. Mentally bring emotionally charged experiences of having and spending large sums of money into your mind and continue to replay it daily. Focus on what you DO want and the good feelings it provokes. Align yourself with your definition of what you want and trust the process by being open to what shows up and act on everything that inspires you. 

3. Be the space for uneasy feelings, but don’t be the uneasy feeling. Meaning if you attach story’s to experiences or what is happening in your life it will bring about feelings. To avoid this focus on facts only. It is raining, period. Instead of, it is raining and my picnic is ruined.  It is raining. Now what? Or the house is cluttered, period. Instead of my house is cluttered and I’m a lazy slob.  By focusing on the facts only you are accepting what is, and if it is undesirable, act, do something about it. A story or judgment makes you a victim of the circumstance and is used as an excuse or justification to hold back change and to keep the ego created self in tact. Instead of accepting the situation you are accepting the judgment about it. 

As you begin this process, uneasy feelings will still come up, become aware of it and be the space for it. Don’t react and don’t make it about you just be aware it is there and put your attention on an object or your breath or the energy inside your body.  Again, the fact is you have an uneasy feeling that happens to be in your space, period. Accept it. Tell yourself it is a story you’ve been attached to for a long time, but it is time to get on board with trusting the process and than breathe and let it go.

I wish you all the potential life has to offer!

Pease ~ Sandy

Copyright 2013 by Sandy Lucas


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