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How to Find and Keep Love

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Hello and welcome back!

I’m continuing my mini series on, How to find and keep love. Today will be the second snippet of part one in my book, How to know what you do want. Enjoy!

The second crucial step is to continuously focus on what you want not the lack of it. For example, when you see a couple together say to yourself, “I am excited to have that in my life.” Combine your imagination with your thoughts to conjure the good feelings the scene provokes. If or when your thoughts turn negative don’t feed them instead put up an imaginary stop sign and tell yourself, “I’m alright where I am and it’s getting better.” This allows you to accept where you are and trust what you want is coming.

Another significant game changer is to mentally say every day upon awakening, “Today may be the day I find my lover.” This lessens any pressure you may have placed on yourself in the past. By believing that today just may be the day creates anticipation, spontaneity, curiosity and possibilities. It also changes your focus to what you do want, and allows you to be open to all the opportunities that come your way, instead of staying stuck in a repetitive pattern of, “I’m alone and it sucks.” True, it may suck, and it’s okay to acknowledge that it sucks, that’s how we figure out our preferences, but it changes nothing by living in Suckville. If you’re truly committed to finding love you need to shed the habit of complaining and step into the habit of expecting him/her to show up. Put your attention and focus on preparing for a relationship instead of using it as an excuse to get out of living. And the very reason I have you starting the courtship first and being the person you seek. In reality, he or she is already here and once you believe in their existence your special someone will appear. Are you ready?

Peace ~Sandy

Copyright 2013 by Sandy Lucas



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