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How is perfectionism hurting you and what you can do about it

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Hello and welcome back!

Studies show disorganization, clutter and ineffective habits to be destructive to our health, especially women who experience a spike in stress hormones when inundated with too much stuff. Science proves in the Chaos and Complexity theory if you have too much order a system cannot diversify and adapt to change. If you have too much chaos the system cannot hold together.

All of it is created by perfectionism. Perfectionism is usually the dominating force behind the lack of or the inability to change. Perfectionism is the believe that if we live, act, or look a certain way we would fit in, be accepted and liked. We think this will allow us to avoid the pain of blame, shame and judgment. There are many labels we use such as, excellence, high achiever, idealist, and high standards and they all come back to perfectionism.

Perfectionism, no matter how you define it, sabotages our efforts to find healthy habits and rituals. When you’re in perfectionism mode you’ll find yourself using the word “should” along with justifying, excusing, or explaining yourself. Procrastination, lazy, or creative, may be the labels used for a chaotic life, however this is still perfectionism. When you find yourself distracting yourself with mindless activities, you are avoiding life because you don’t know how to fit in, be accepted and liked. When you are in the clutches of perfectionism fear is at the root. With fear comes unhappiness, disappointment and uncertainty.

You can break free from perfectionism, which will make for a much happier life. For true change, the key is find an area or habit that doesn’t work and do something different with or about it. To break the habit of perfectionism you need to find and practice something that benefits and supports you over and over and over until that becomes your new habit or ritual. Once you get the momentum going toward positive change you can move onto the next area or habit you would like to alter or remove. Consistency is as important as the change or peace you are striving for. Continuous practice creates progress. Progress creates confidence and confidence creates a happier you!

Peace ~ Sandy


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