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Hello and welcome back!

This week I wanted to get back to finding a lifestyle for you that is efficient. Creating and practicing efficient habits means your life runs smoothly even during times of distress.  It is about finding ways to support, benefit and having fun with what you do daily. 

If, for example you tend to be more alert and responsive in the evening and less so in the morning you may want to fit in as many tasks at night as possible. You may want to pull out your outfit, set up coffee, put everything by the door you frequent and tackle an errand or  chore or two. Or if your a morning person it may be the perfect time for you to tackle many chores so you return in the evening with little to do.  There is no need to overwhelm yourself, instead make it work for you. 

Consistently putting things back in their homes immediately upon using them is the answer to control messes. Using your washing machine as a hamper allows you to turn it on once it is full. Changing a light bulb or replacing a battery as soon as the need occurs keeps you prepared and on top of things. Keep an on-going list accessible and with you of items you need to purchase while you are out can cut down on the amount of errands you need to run.

By wiping up a spill, hanging up a towel, wipe down your bathroom while getting ready for your day, or throwing out junk mail immediately could save you future cleaning time. When leaving a room take a quick scan to see if anything needs to go where you are going. Shove plastic shopping bags in an empty paper towel tube or tissue box to keep where ever these bags may be needed; in your car, in a linen closet, or under a sink.   

Remember to create fun out of mundane tasks too! If your a big television fan play beat the commercials with whatever task or chore that needs to get done. If you’re an exercise buff (or just need some) play circuit cleaning. Set a timer for quick bursts, do one chore, when the timer goes off switch over to the next task and continue rotating until either your allotted time is up or the chores are completed.  If you’re into fashion create your outfits for the week.

Speaking of fashion… a very good way to see what you are actually wearing and what can be donated is to place your hangers the correct way. As you wear and rehang each piece place the hanger backwards. Use all the hangers facing the correct way, no cheating, before you retrieve any hangers hung the opposite way. Whatever you refuse to wear donate so you can go back to the clothing you know you will wear. If you continue to do this, you will end up with a wardrobe you absolutely love and a lot less guessing what you’ll wear.   

Acknowledge what isn’t working and than focus on what could work. Having a life with efficient habits is about taking consistent, simple and easy, steps toward a more peaceful, satisfying and fulfilling life. I’ve given you a few examples to make your life sweeter. The things you have to do on a daily basis may appear daunting, but with a little creativity you can make anything work, support and benefit you! Enjoy!





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