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Hello & welcome back!

A question came up from my latest blog, “In the Know”, dealing with changing habits and successfully getting your goals met. When I wrote about not being able to create something and worry about it at the same time, the question was about what to do with the worry portion of it. Here’s my LONG answer! 

In my Blog, “In the Know” I explained you can’t create a desire and worry about it at the same time, because you send a mix message to yourself, the universe and others. When you add worry (any self-defeating negative feeling) into any part of a desire, want or goal, you end up looking for evidence to support your worry or prove your worry is valid. The major hiccup here, and what can screw you up, is you continue to get whatever you are focused on- more worry, NOT your desire or goal. Stop that! You can’t create an organized and efficient life if you are worried about your clutter, running late and losing your keys. You can’t create money at the same time you are worried how you’ll get it, where it’s going to come from or why you should have it. You can’t create a job while fretting about the economy. Got it? You need to keep your focus on one thing only, your goal, want or desire. Find the evidence and proof what you want can and will be yours! And expect it to happen!    

Let’s start from the top. Your first major step is to know what you want to achieve, and be able to describe it, without getting too detailed. For example; say you want to achieve a lot of money. And let’s say to you it means being free of all debt, purchasing anything that will depreciate with cash, create a bountiful retirement account, help deserving charities, and making wise investments. Or let’s say you want a new job. You want to interact with many people and be able to offer them relief in some capacity. You want to have the ability to use your creativity, have fun and laugh a lot. You’d like a location as close as possible to your home. Whatever you desire it must be your desire or goal, it can’t be what you think society wants or even someone close to you wants it must be something you can relate to somehow.

To know it is your desire give reasons why you want it. If you give reasons like, “because it will get so and so off my back” choose something else. Maybe choose getting so and so off your back! If we stay with the money goal, you may feel free and happy, less of a burden weighing you down.

The next thing is to give reasons why it is possible you will get it.  Recall past accomplishments or what comments you’ve received or list what attributes has come easy to you. You may want to do something career wise and in the past you were good at sales. Now you may not want a sales job but you will be good at selling yourself. List your positive qualities to see how they can help you with this particular goal. 

The next step is where you change your focus to your desire, want or goal only and away from worry. You prepare for it to come. You know what you want, you know what it looks like so what are the steps you need to take to have it happen? The more prepared you are the more confidence you’ll have so when it comes you are completely ready. Maybe that is why someone who wins the lottery can go bankrupt a few short years later. If your goal is to win the lottery take the time to prepare for the win. Not just where you’ll spend it, but how will you hold onto it and make it last. As you buy a weekly or daily ticket (or before you even invest in a ticket) prepare to be a millionaire. Research lawyers and accountants, decide what investments interest you, and plan out exactly where this money will go and exactly what will be saved and/or invested. When you win you will be far ahead of anything that can go wrong! 

Whatever goal you make it may just be a layer of much much more to come. Don’t limit yourself. You do however, have to decide once you achieve your goal or desire how you will either maintain it or what the next layer will be. Let’s say you go after $1,000.00 a week in earnings and now that you have that secured you want to up the amount. All you need to do is start this process -Prepare for Success- all over again.

1. Decide what you want or are expecting and describe it.

2. Give reason why you want it.

3. Give reasons why it is possible you will achieve it.

4. What steps can you take today so when it comes you are prepared.

5. Once there, how will you maintain it or what will the next layer-goal or desire- be?

Your life is completely up to you, enjoy and go for it!

I leave you with two quotes-

“Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive go much further than people with vastly superior talent.”

“Instead of making up excuses for why something is impossible, it’s far better to come up with reasons why it could be possible. One reason why is more powerful than all the reasons why not.” Jackson Kiddard, author.

Get excited, prepare!



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