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Hello & welcome back!

Disorganization, clutter, & a long to-do list all creates stress. Clutter can be whatever is taking up space. Knowing what the right tools are supports your efforts in getting organized.   Having, what I consider, the most important tools on hand will help you in all your organizing endeavors.

1. A timer is an extremely useful & important tool. Any timer will do. What works for me is the 15 minute rule. I can do anything for 15 minutes. Even if you only have 7 or 5 minutes, but you want to tackle something, use whatever time works for you. The timer is instrumental with procrastination, because with a timer you have a beginning & an end. Plus it is amazing when the task didn’t take as long as you thought it would. You can also play beat the timer. If you make it fun it will get done. Since multitasking, for some, including me,  doesn’t appear to get any tasks completed the timer keeps me focused on the task at hand. Again, because it has a beginning & will alert me when the time is done I stay focused. Seeing a task completed just may boost your confidence & by seeing something done will inspire you to keep going. Set your timer & begin.

2. A uniform. Some businesses require a uniform or have a required dress code. The point is when you have this uniform on you know what is expected of you. I have an apron, with pockets, & a pair of tennis shoes, along with an elastic band for my hair. Simple yes, but most importantly my body & mind are on the same page with my uniform in place, I’m focused versus scattered or not getting things done. My apron isn’t just for cooking, I put it on whenever I am completing a physical task. The pockets on my apron are for my cell phone, just in case of emergencies or if I’m in the middle of a task I don’t have to search for my phone. Others in my home also know what my agenda is when they see me with my apron on. They also know when I’m in my pj’s it is popcorn & movie time! Your uniform can be anything you desire as long as you know what is expected of you while wearing it.

3. Glass or an all purpose cleaner under every sink along with a roll of paper towel. This allows for a quick wipe down when you’ve completed your daily bathroom routine. And while you’re in the shower scrub a wall. Chores are kept to a minimum when you have the proper tools on hand. If you keep this up daily it will become a positive habit that supports your efforts to be organized & efficient. If you add a mere 30 seconds to your routine, by wiping down your bathroom, you’ll save tons of time scrubbing on your day off. Plus you won’t be embarrassed if someone unexpectedly needs to use your restroom.  

4. Receptacles are important for de-cluttering & organizing. There are so many options, boxes, garbage bags, laundry baskets, & even collapsible hampers to name a few. If you make piles without some sort of receptacle to place your items in they just get shoved into an awaiting corner or chair to be resorted again & again. As you sort through your things keep in mind 3 category’s- Throw away, Give away, Put away.  Once you de-clutter the area bring the receptacle where it belongs. If you are donating things place the receptacle in your vehicle so the next time you pass the donation center you can drop it off. Toss the throw away & set your timer for your put away & play beat the timer. All this can be done 15 minutes at a time.

There are many more examples of what tools work, however these are what you’ll need to get started & are the most important to begin to see change happen. 

See you next week!



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