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Some people were born with a natural ability

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Some people were born with a natural ability to see order & others were not. I am here to help those who were not. Today more & people are experiencing stress & yet they continue to do what isn’t working. Our environment & surrounding are major contributors to this stress. I understand most don’t know how to change & I am here to help you. First lets look at what may not be working in your life. Although I want you to change your focus, we must start at where we are. Just like looking at a shopping mall directory, I am here & want to go there. You find what looks like the best route.

Perfectionism. Perfectionism is usually the stopping force to all change. Perfectionism is the belief that if we live perfectly, look & act perfect, we can avoid the pain of judgment, blame & shame. Or we strive for perfection because we’re looking for validation to be liked or accepted. However, you don’t need perfect what you need is peace.

Other labels or excuses we live by, for not being organized or efficient, are the all or nothing mentality. If I can’t do it right why bother? And some excuse their disorganization on being overwhelmed & yet they continue to add more onto their plate. Along with many more such as blaming life’s circumstances for their situation, or relying on the martyr role & the victim.  

All these excuses are just keeping you stuck, they don’t help you in any way.  Plain & simple you just haven’t been taught how to find your specific organized & efficient style. The labels or excuses just pacify you or justify why you are where you are, but aren’t the answer to a peaceful & satisfying life. You’re either imitating what you grew up with or you’re relying on habits even though they aren’t working. Stop working the impossible, it is time to find what makes you tick & turns you on! 

Repeat after me: I used to be like that, but today I can learn useful & helpful skills to be different. So, let’s wipe the slate clean. Today is a new day! 


Let’s start today, & until we meet again, with an empowering mantra; “I make choices that influence & create an ideal environment.”  This helps put your excuses, labels & habits in perspective because you understand that you indeed have choices.  

Next, I want you to define what an ideal environment means to you. How do you want to feel in your space?  This can be a desk, a cabinet, a room, your garage, an office/work or your whole house. If the space was *POOF* de-cluttered & organized how do you want to feel in your environment & what do you want it to look like?

This is a good place to start your change. I will be back with much, much more I promise!



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