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Life is an inside job

Hello & welcome back! 

Finding your own personal organizing system or style is about taking action. Not to be confused with fixing something that is broken within you, justifying or excusing why you are the way you are, or belittling yourself because you think it is your fault you can’t grasp others organizing systems. Look at the organizing offerings, in periodicals & on television, as someone who found what worked for them & was hoping it would work for others. And some parts may, but usually not everything. Instead of picking & choosing, applying what does work & ditch the rest, we scurry to scrap the whole thing, blame ourselves or their system & hide behind our old habits. We find our time & energy focused on & applying what doesn’t work which keeps us out of balance.

Did you know one of our most important functions is to be in balance? And, for the most part, our emotions are the clue AND the answer. Our bodies also alert us when we are out of balance with unexplained aches & pains & even accidents, & illnesses. Even when we’re ecstatic & over joyed we are out of balance. Our bodies will search for balance, it will release the energy through crying or laughing or we’ll feel antsy like we can’t sit still. To help bring harmony or balance to ourselves we must get in touch with our instincts or, if you prefer, our inner selves. Because we are out of touch with our feelings or intuition we have gotten ineffective with our personal lives, some are even suffering. We rarely use our emotions to navigate our world, we either choose to, or have been taught to run from them instead. Our emotions have invaluable information, yet we keep looking away, ignoring or avoiding them. When feelings arise they are nudges, red flags, stop signs, begging for our attention. Unfortunately, we often blame others for causing our feelings to peek through the fog, however no one has the power to do that, no one. Being uncomfortable (with negative feelings) is your inner self, your intuition, alerting you to wake up, pay attention, it is calling you into action. If you do not heed the warning you will continue to experience the same things over & over again until you do. Sometimes it takes a crisis.  

You, your life, your body, your spirit, wants to be in alignment, in balance, & the only way is to find your personal sweet spot, which is inside you & only you can access it. True, it takes work & once you give up your struggles (what doesn’t work) & you find your balance the reward is a satisfied & fulfilling life. Everything that isn’t working isn’t working for a reason, it is so you can find what does work & get on with living, & enjoying your life.

At this point you may be wondering what does being disorganized have to do with being balanced? Anything that doesn’t work in your life, no matter what area, means you are out of balance. With the skills I was born with, seeing order & being efficient, was instrumental in my own discovery of what created my own balance & what caused disharmony. What came naturally to me I saw others struggle with. No matter what subjects, relationships, weight, or financial, I wrote about, the bottom line is everything comes down to learning to get back in touch with ourselves. Listening to your intuition, through feelings, is the only way to find your balance. I focus my business & this blog on helping others get organized because I know being disorganized & having too much clutter (not just in material things) is causing disharmony in your life. Once you find your sweet spot in one area so many other areas open up in miraculous ways!

We can agree you know what doesn’t work &, if you’ve kept up with your homework, what your ideal environment feels & looks like (& we will get there). This week I want you to take inventory of what doesn’t work, all your organizing challenges, & please be specific. For example, an overstuffed bedroom closet, continuously running late, losing my keys, & too many/much ______ (fill in the blank), etc.  For the second part I’d like you to think of what the opposite might be. For “lost” keys, you may write, “find” them a home. Complete your list choosing the opposites. Now, the third part is to imagine what steps could be taken to get to the opposites. Staying with the keys, you may write- place a hook by the door you frequent. Maybe buy a lanyard or hook to attach them to you. Maybe become disciplined to put them in your pocket or purse when not in use. In other words there are many ideas, the trick is to find the one that works for you. Pick one from your list & give it honest effort for, let’s say, a week. If what you picked is easy & effortless then you picked the one that fits you best, carry on. However, if you find it to be a struggle or a hassle your instincts are letting you know that doesn’t work for you, just tweak it or try something different. You want your habits to work for you, instead of being a prisoner to your habits. Continue to work your list exploring & discovering not only your sweet spot, but you too.  One more thing… have fun!

Next week I’ll write about the importance of good tools! 



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Reward comes when you release the struggle

Hello & welcome back!

It is my pleasure to help guide those who have not been taught how to find their own specific organized & efficient lifestyle. 

Let’s recap last weeks homework assignment: Repeat an affirmation or mantra- “I make the choice to influence & create my ideal environment.” And define your ideal environment.

The only reason you don’t have an organized life that is pleasing to you along with well- established routines is because no one taught you. Everything else is excuses & excuses keep you stuck, frustrated, & overwhelmed. Unfortunately, most look to periodicals to follow or guides like Martha Stewart to imitate & when it doesn’t turn out good enough or something you can keep up with you continue to feel overwhelmed & frustrated. Usually falling back into the old ways & habits that didn’t work in the first place. Please stop the madness! I am here to help you give up the struggle.  

I find it amazing, myself included, that we think when something doesn’t work it is our fault. Whenever you feel other than good it just means you haven’t found your sweet spot or as some prefer your balance. You’re struggling against something that obviously doesn’t benefit you.  That is what I am after for you, to find your sweet spot, what works for you. I am not here to give you another system to follow. I would only be setting you up for failure & I believe you’ve had enough. Not that Martha or any other systems were created to bully or punish you, they found what works for them & hoped it would work for others. For a large majority Martha Stewart became the teacher they didn’t have growing up, however her system is not for everyone nor is she the answer.

The answer is within you & I will help guide you to explore & discover what works for YOU & you alone. The reason I choose the affirmation about choice is to empower you & stop looking outward for the answer, you are responsible for your life. No more beating yourself up instead, with some gentle guidance, you can lovingly find your way. You have choices you just haven’t been taught how to access those choices. I encourage people to seek support from outsiders & knowledge you couldn’t possibly know, but ultimately what you do with your life is completely up to you.  Please include me as part of that support team.

This weeks homework ~

  Continue to say your affirmation- “I make choices that influence & create my ideal environment.” Take you power back & believe you will tackle this issue & you will! 

With the definition of what an ideal environment means to you I want two things from you.

1. Did any limiting beliefs come up? If so, examine them, prove them wrong. For example if after describing your ideal environment your thought was, “Yea right I’d have to live in a mansion to have that.”  Wrong. Or, “I’d have to hire help.” “Shoot if you can afford it, why not! Or, “I’d have to give away all my things & I don’t want to.” You only have to do what works for you. This is the point where you start something you probably never did, be firm & loving with yourself. Your happiness is not in your clutter or things, your answer isn’t in an outside source, nor is it beneficial to continue doing what doesn’t work. Also, note any “yea but’s…” or “what if…” & recognize them as your excuses. Let’s just focus on what we DO want.

2. I want you to get specific with what you want due to your definition. For example, “I want well-established routines so I no longer run late.” Or, “I want to create habits that support my needs”. And be specific on what those needs are. If you feel you don’t have the answers either pretend you do know (Ask-“What if I did know?”), or figure out the opposite. For instance; you feel frustrated daily because you lose your keys, so you would like to have  something in place that works for you to find your keys easily.  

See you next week! 

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Some people were born with a natural ability to see order & others were not. I am here to help those who were not. Today more & people are experiencing stress & yet they continue to do what isn’t working. Our environment & surrounding are major contributors to this stress. I understand most don’t know how to change & I am here to help you. First lets look at what may not be working in your life. Although I want you to change your focus, we must start at where we are. Just like looking at a shopping mall directory, I am here & want to go there. You find what looks like the best route.

Perfectionism. Perfectionism is usually the stopping force to all change. Perfectionism is the belief that if we live perfectly, look & act perfect, we can avoid the pain of judgment, blame & shame. Or we strive for perfection because we’re looking for validation to be liked or accepted. However, you don’t need perfect what you need is peace.

Other labels or excuses we live by, for not being organized or efficient, are the all or nothing mentality. If I can’t do it right why bother? And some excuse their disorganization on being overwhelmed & yet they continue to add more onto their plate. Along with many more such as blaming life’s circumstances for their situation, or relying on the martyr role & the victim.  

All these excuses are just keeping you stuck, they don’t help you in any way.  Plain & simple you just haven’t been taught how to find your specific organized & efficient style. The labels or excuses just pacify you or justify why you are where you are, but aren’t the answer to a peaceful & satisfying life. You’re either imitating what you grew up with or you’re relying on habits even though they aren’t working. Stop working the impossible, it is time to find what makes you tick & turns you on! 

Repeat after me: I used to be like that, but today I can learn useful & helpful skills to be different. So, let’s wipe the slate clean. Today is a new day! 


Let’s start today, & until we meet again, with an empowering mantra; “I make choices that influence & create an ideal environment.”  This helps put your excuses, labels & habits in perspective because you understand that you indeed have choices.  

Next, I want you to define what an ideal environment means to you. How do you want to feel in your space?  This can be a desk, a cabinet, a room, your garage, an office/work or your whole house. If the space was *POOF* de-cluttered & organized how do you want to feel in your environment & what do you want it to look like?

This is a good place to start your change. I will be back with much, much more I promise!


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Freedom from Clutter by Sandy is now open!

Freedom from clutter by Sandy is a consulting firm for people looking for an organized & efficient lifestyle. Freedom from Clutter by Sandy has taken a different approach than other professional organizers that come in to your place (home or office), de-clutter & reorganize your space without teaching you how to maintain it or to find an approach that is personal & specific to you & your needs. We have just begun & have already received wonderful responses & results!   

People make all kinds of excuses why they aren’t organized to justify where they’re at, but the truth is you haven’t been taught how to get & stay organized or how to establish routines that support your lifestyle.  I was born to see order naturally along with how things could run smoothly & efficiently, others were not. I am here to teach those who were not.  I was not born knowing how to read, I was taught. 

If what you’re doing isn’t working, plain & simple, it isn’t working. It isn’t you, you just haven’t been taught. With my help I’ll teach you. 

This blog will be used to send out weekly tips & an update on my whereabouts. Stay tuned!