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Hello again!

The law of attraction works on everyone whether you believe it or not, whether you understand it or not & whether you like it or not. You attract & match to you what your beliefs, mood, & feelings are. What ever you are putting out, through your energy, will come back to you every time. If you are wondering what your energy says about you, what your beliefs are, the vibes you are sending out, look around. Look at your bank account total, your love life, your career, it is always a perfect match to your beliefs, or vibe. Vibes mean your feeling & mood. If you give something your attention, energy, & focus, which creates a strong emotion, the Universe will match it.

One of the reasons you may not be getting what you want is due to doubt. Doubt is created by lack of evidence or proof. Deep down you don’t believe it will come or happen for you. You may believe you aren’t worthy or good enough, whatever the issue it is your job to extinguish that doubt. Ask yourself, “Has it been done? Can it be done?” Listen for your answer, & the clues to your beliefs.

Doubt may show up in many forms, such as fear & worry, which is a sure indicator your focus is more on your lack or absence of it. You may even justify your doubt, by pointing out your lack, which only creates more lack. If it isn’t working why not try something different? The Universe is tricky & can’t distinguish between a positive want & a negative want. It just matches what you are focusing on. If you type into Google ‘No golf’, it will produce suggestions for golf. Just like the computer it can not differentiate between not wanting & wanting, it just matches. We definitely know what we don’t want & that is usually what we focus on. Whenever you say “Don’t” replace it with what you DO want. Switch, “Don’t slam the door” with, “Close the door easy.” Instead of “don’t forget…” use, “remember…” Your language, along with your feelings, are wonderful clues on what you are attracting into your lives.

When fear & worry are present it means you are focusing more on the absence or lack. It also means your focus is more on your unhappiness, which creates resistant & actually holds what you want at bay, again, it matches your emotions. So, feel good now, accept where you are today. It doesn’t mean it won’t be different tomorrow. If you withhold your feel good attitude until some future event, you may be waiting a long time. When you go to the mall or park, the map indicates, You are here, you see where you are, you know where you want to go & find the best route for you. The same goes for your life. jump in where you are, appreciate what you do have & where you are today. Find ways to feel good now. Instead of focusing on the lack of it imagine what it feels like to already have what you want, give it positive attention. Your feelings are great indicators & will guide you, if you let them, to where you need to go next. Negative feelings are indicators you are off course, by tweaking or becoming flexible you can switch to better feelings. You want to give yourself the attention & work needed as the Universe will eventually match it, so why not focusing on what you DO want?

Here’s a great exercise to honor yourself, by allowing those fears to be heard & get an insight to you: Make a list, on one side record what your fears & worries are- what you don’t want. Draw a line down the middle & on the right side write down the opposite, what you DO want, & cross off your fears on the left. As you do this exercise stay clued into how you’re feeling, record on the right side only the things that feel good to you. Now, take the right side & create a sentence. Your final step, have faith it will happen. If fear & worry reappear it may indicate you are not ready for it to come to fruition, you have more work to do, maybe something needs tweaking. Do the work, you are worth everything you want, & there is plenty to go around.

Another thing I have trouble about is positive affirmations. A positive affirmation can also create a negative vibration if you don’t believe it. if you say something like- I am rich- & you respond with negativity toward the statement it means you have doubt. You need to change the statement until you feel good, for example; If, I am rich didn’t feel good try, I am in the process of finding ways to increase my income. See if that fits you, if not try another; Being rich provides security & I know great ways to secure my finances, & so on. Life is not a one-size-fits-all, you need to find what works for you. The next step is to look for the evidence it is happening. Sometimes we imagine how things will show up versus noticing what is actually happening. Appreciating it all, big & small, supports your good feelings.

If we continue to believe our limiting expectations instead of opening our eyes to what is present we miss it. It is so important to note all evidence as that is what will extinguish or squash your doubt. So, keep a list of every little & big thing that shows up about your want, build the evidence that it can indeed happen for you! Sometimes you have to find someone who did what you are after to prove to yourself it has happened for others so it can happen for you. As things start to show up & manifest your doubt will eventually disappear all together.

If you have a desire to create wealth & you focus on it with positive energy & you find what makes you feel good note all the things that happen & record it, build your evidence. It could be something free that showed up, a cup of coffee perhaps, or you found a dollar in a jacket, or someone paid the bill at dinner, these are all indicators that wealth is happening, & the more you find to celebrate & appreciate the more will come. Maybe a million dollars didn’t suddenly appear, if you keep at it, believe, it will!

We all have some form of limiting belief we are not worthy or not good enough, with written proof that it is happening to you those feelings will shift, just keep pushing through, you are worth it & enough just as you are! It will happen if you identify what you want, give it positive attention, & allow it in by extinguishing doubt. Go for it, you can do it! Peace to you all!


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