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Ask Sandy How to…Create a goal in 3 Steps

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You can write the exercise down or do it in your head.

1. Make a wish
Make one wish, you can’t wish for more wishes or someone to love you.

2. My life will change in the following ways:
Describe how your life will change once this wish is granted. Get creative & imagine big!

3. How do you feel after describing your changes?
The feeling, not the wish, or goal, is what you are after.

Now the next step is to go after your wish, by creating a plan using the feelings you just conjured up when describing your dream. What we’re doing is creating a plan that suits you.

So, let’s say your wish was to have a healthy, vibrant sexy body. Let’s say you said your life changed in the following ways- you’d be confident, have more energy, stamina, wear stylish clothes, be happy, be comfortable in your body. And you felt ease & joy after describing it, but, you’ll argue, you have dis-empowering beliefs about diets & exercise. Our main focus is on the positive feelings you got while describing your granted wish, not the negative emotions your limiting beliefs create, if you want this wish, you must focus on all the positive aspects, or change your wish.

As you build your plan see what creates the feelings you are after. Let’s start with how you’ll eat, because there are many choices I suggest you lump them into categories such as- when your body is hungry, low fat, no carbs, no sugar, raw, meals sent to you, etc.. As you review each you’ll have a reaction, usually due to past ventures, or how you know your body will respond. What you’re looking for is how to maintain the feelings you are after. If having meals sent to you appeals the most & creates the same feelings you described then that is the one for you. If nothing supports your feelings you may have to become creative & make up your own, which may be you just won’t have any junk food in your house. Whatever you choose remember you know your body best!

Along with the food that your body & feelings responds well to you may want to plan if you want support & from whom, & how you’ll track your progress, add small steps & dates of accomplishments you’d like to see. Again, whatever appeals to your feelings will keep you on track & help create your plan.

Along with this particular plan (wish) you may want to add exercise. What interests you? What creates those feelings you are after? A gym membership? The local YMCA? Shoot hoops with your kids, or spice it up & choose daily? Whatever your fancy is make sure it corresponds with the feelings you are after. Nothing has to be cookie cutter or what everyone else is doing.

No matter what wish or goal you pick it is most important to accept where you are right now, today. You can agree your body has been good to you, held up in the worst of times & you appreciate it. Now it is time you gave back & created a healthy vibrant sexy body you are worthy of having (if that is what your wish was). With acceptance comes solutions on how to proceed & protect yourself. Knowing it is the feelings you are after keeps you conscious & your head in the game.

Recognizing the urges, habitual reactions, & what you used to do didn’t work & won’t get you far if you continue to rely on those. If you remember those urges are temporary, as you plug along & gain evidence to prove your plan is working, they will lessen & fall away altogether. To change a habit you must do something different. You may have sabotaged your past efforts due to unwanted feelings or to stop negative mind chatter, but it won’t create the feelings you are after now. So, instead of giving in create a strategy for yourself. It could be to visualize a stop sign, & repeat a mantra, “all is well” or “this too shall pass”. Pick something & stick to it. If you created one habit you can create another, this time do it by feeling your way through! I WISH you all the best! Peace!


One thought on “Ask Sandy How to…Create a goal in 3 Steps

  1. Dear Friend, I love this blog! You have really become such a wise, amazing woman! I’m so glad that I ‘re-met’ you! This reinforces my core belief that things truly do happen for a reason! With love, Amy

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